Post On Contest Winning On Cards On Cards. On.

Hey guys! Remember college football? It’s a game played by young men just for fun since they’re not professionals and don’t get paid for it or anything. It must be awesome because tons of people know lots of stuff about all the teams, even if they have no affiliation with the school. Well, let me […]

1999 Upper Deck Ionix Review

I’ve delayed it enough. It’s time to get a little in-depth with the Community Break boxes. No more wasting time. I’m just going to get right into it. Run through it real quick. So, here’s my review without further delay. Get your coffee and grab a seat. There will be no commercial breaks. Time to […]

A Trade With The Sandlot That Goes For-ev-er

**Quick update for all the Community Break participants: Your packages went out the door today! Sorry it took a little longer than I wanted. The product breakdowns, along with showing off some of the goods still up for trade, will be starting any day now. But first, I have to properly honor at least one […]

A Very Beardy Christmas In June

As one of the first commenters on our little blog, Beardy (of The MojoBeard collective… they’re kind of like the Borg, but resistence is even worse than futile) holds a special place in me and Jon’s hearts. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also a video geek who also likes a team that will never win […]