These Are The Breaks

Before my finances got all out of whack and I had a steady stream of disposable income, I was able to take part in a couple cheap group breaks.

Now, normally, I give each of these their own post, but I’m not going to. Neither resulted in anything for my player collections anyway, so each […]

Topps Community Break Box #6: 2001 Topps Fusion

How many of you knew this stuff even existed? I know I didn’t. This is about as close to modern oddball as you can get. Forget Topps Stars, this is 5 sets in 1! It takes the “Best” of different Topps worlds and “fuses” it into one globule of a set.

Designs stolen from or […]

All-Topps Community Break Sign-Up Is Now Open!!

I’ve teased it long enough. It’s finally time.

This is going to be the biggest Break I’ve ever done and it still won’t break the bank for you. How does 11 boxes covering 10 products throughout 8 years sound? The break is going to be all Topps all the time, but not in the way […]