2010 Topps Magic Want List

Magic, magic, magic. There’s been more Magic talk on this blog lately than on a Doug Henning Memorial site (albeit with far inferior mustaches here), but I have one more post about this glorious product. The collation in our case was nothing short of remarkable when considering it came from the Topps factories. We’re very […]

2010 Topps Football Needs

We busted a case of this year’s Topps flagship football product. We’ve got a video break and full review forthcoming, but first, let’s get these lists out of the way! If anyone else broke a case and has some doubles to try and complete some extra sets, drop us a line! Our e-mail address is […]

My First Trade (Through the Blogs)

It was bound to happen eventually, but I made my first trade through the blog (TTB) recently. Play at the Plate stepped up to the, well…um..plate, and we exchanged a boatload of Ginters.

He had seen our trade show loot, inquired about the minis and I sent off virtually all I had in return for […]