Very Quick Update

Hey everyone,

I know I mentioned that I was going to have the contest results on Tuesday and it’s now Thursday.  I know I said I would have the rest of the boxes up by the end of the week unless something happened.

Does acute bronchitis count as something?  Cuz’ it feels like it to me.  Got home from work on Tuesday (where I had been battling a cough for the past couple days) and instantly felt intense cold.  I couldn’t stop shivering. I spent the rest of the night wrapped up immobilized since anytime a part of my body felt the room temperature, I would go right back to being freezing.

Wed. – saw the doctor, got the diagnosis and pills.  My fever at the time was 101 – my guess is it was higher the night before.

Anyway, I’ve been home. Feeling slightly better, but I’m pushing things off until I can stand to stare at the computer screen for more than a couple minutes.

I have a post that was pre-loaded a couple weeks ago running tomorrow, so I didn’t want people to see that and think, “What the eff, man!  You promised and then you give us this garbage about your ebay wins?”

This weekend, I will get back to business as usual, just not 100% as to when.

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