Gotta Document Somethin’!

Phew.  After this, I’ll have finally caught up with all the trades I’ve completed with Rhubarb Runner over at “e’ rayhahn, rayhah”.  I got a bunch of other blogs to hit still, but this is something of a weight off my shoulders.  I have a tendency to complete multiple trades with bloggers before I get around to posting anything from them.  I’m trying desperately to not only avoid the multiple package trade post, so please bear with me!

Speaking of bearing with me, David was the byproduct of a severely delayed package.  We worked out this trade before my Fleer Group Break (remember that?).  He sent his side and I planned to send it with the group break stuff, to consolidate trips.  Well, I fell behind.  I may be behind in posting packages, but I’m on point with sending cards out the door.  Enough yappin’, right?  You want to see cards.  From the title, I bet you can’t guess what most of these cards are going to be.  Of course, now that you know this is a trade post, you’ve probably moved on to another blog by now.  For the faithful few that stayed, here are the goods.

I've said it a hundred times by now, but Opening Day = posted on the blog

A great Opening Day card of our opening day pitcher.  I love horizontal cards sometimes.  The start of the new card year is an anxious time.  You’re never sure how the cards of your favorite team or players will look.  You hope and pray that a decent picture of your guy(s) are used, since you’ll have to see the images 5,000 times on various parallels in your binders.  I lucked out with Ryan Dempster’s picture here.  It looks like he’s all alone on the field, doesn’t it?  Sometimes it certainly feels that way.  I think I’ve received this card three or four times in trades (and I got one in my solitary blaster I purchased after the fact), but Rhubarb was the first, so he wins the honor of having receipt of the card attached to his name.

Unfortunately, Kerry threw out his shoulder with this pitch

Hot damn!  Gotta love low serial numbered cards in trades.  Now that Carlos Marmol has as the press release put it, “lost his shit” and can no longer throw a slider or a strike, expect Kerry Wood to revisit the closer’s role along with Sean Marshall (until one of the two gets traded).  I had to look this puppy up, which really isn’t all that unusual. It look me a while longer to determine this was an Upper Deck Gold parallel, because that bottom section says UD Exclusives and I couldn’t find that on my spreadsheet.  Don’t you love the framing of that ball?  I know I do!

Never say die Cubs evidently died in extra innings.

For those of you that don’t remember how this is going to work, I’m keeping a tally for all the documentary cards I receive for each player I collect.  So far I’ve only posted some Greg Maddux cards, but each team will have their own running tally.  Kerry Wood doesn’t have too many in the set, so let’s see how the Cubs do over his 10 cards.  It has to be better than their 2011 win percentage, right?

2008 was a great year for the Cubs, so despite this slow start, we should eventually crawl out of  sub-.500 land.  I cannot say the same about the team on the field this year.  That’s just depressing.  Oh, and in typical documentary fashion, Kerry Wood is not mentioned anywhere on the card.  Probably didn’t pitch in the game.

Cubs card record: 0-1

Yes, veteran third sacker by the name of Not Frank Thomas

Frank Thomas has an astounding 41 “different” documentary cards in the set.  This should get interesting.  At least something will, since we’ll eventually be seeing the same recycled images over and over again.  About 10 times each.

Despite Scott Rolen’s RBI double, the Jays lost to the Yanks for our first card.

Blue Jays card record: 0-1

Far from a hurler, but often seen running

Rhubarb and I share an affinity for Documentary cards.  However, he was able to complete most of his collection recently.  I will probably pick up a couple more cheap boxes at some point to work on the rest of mine unless thoughtful bloggers would care to unload any they have on me.

Blue Jays card record: 1-1

Yep, same image already

Ooo, interleague-tastic!  Damn straight Toronto can’t slow down hot Chicago.  And let me tell you, it’s really hot here lately.  I guess it’s hot all over these days.  Lucky for me, in typical Chicago fashion, we’ll be in winter again next week.  This card doesn’t count towards the Cubs card record, because it doesn’t feature Wood (the only Cubs player I collect that’s featured on documentary cards).  This loss, according to the back, put the Blue Jays 1 game under .500.

Blue Jays card record: 1-2

First walk-off at game 90?

Not having a walk-off until game 90 is just about as amazing as the fact that the 2011 Cubs haven’t yet won 3 games in a row.  Wow, we’re pathetic.  The Jays continued to slip in the standings, but the win put them at 4 under the mediocre mark.  Thomas wasn’t mentioned in any of these summaries.  Such is this set.

Blue Jays card record: 2-2

Despite its obvious flaws, I still love this Documentary set.  I guess I look at it as a modern-day oddball set.  Luckily the prices for these cards match that perception.  If you have the opportunity to send any Twins over to Rhubarb Runner, please do so.  He’s a great trader and his lists are extremely organized, so he makes the process very smooth and painless.  Unlike collecting Documentary.

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