Semi-Weekly Trade Bait #5 – Moments & Milestones #5

I’m back with what I hope will be a regular series.  Did you miss the other installments?  Well, you can either scroll down a couple posts or check out the “Trade Bait” link at the top of the blog.  There’s a 1/1, some other low numbered parallels and a few good autos among others in there.

This post will see the last of my box.  After this, I have some stacks of players from my three other boxes to offer up then I’ll move on to other sets.  I imagine some of you are pretty sick of this by now.

pack 15

It’s been a Kazmir heavy box.  Surely someone out there is a fan.  I have a 1/1 still burning a hole in my shelves. Get it while it’s hot.

pack 16

It’s also really been a Ryan Howard box.  Holy crap.  Well, thanks to a tip from Greg at PTSIA, I’ll have a healthy stack to send over to Brad’s Blog.  The other players lay unclaimed.

pack 17

One more Frank for me, and one last blue parallel.

pack 18

I’m really surprised it took this long to see Mantle, especially considering the massive stack of cards I have from the other boxes.  Oh, and the black Jeter is nice too.  All for trade, remember.

other Jeter Rolen and Chavez

Here’s what I have for Jeter.  The Rolen will be heading to Madding and Chavez is free to claim.

other Mantle

I have three black parallels of Mantle from 2007 boxes.  These are #/29.

more Mick

I guess these are almost all from 2007.  He was everywhere in that set.

even more of this guy

And here’s the last one.  Who’s my resident Mickey Mantle fan that wants to trade for this mother lode?

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