No Trade Deadline Here

The MLB trading deadline has come and gone.  Rosters have been expanded for a few weeks and we’re in the waning days of the regular season.  But just because the actual teams can’t swap players doesn’t mean that collectors can’t swap cards of those players.  There are no deadlines in hobbies.  Occasionally there are temporary trade moratoriums, and maybe I need to consider that with Kerry/Madding at Cards on Cards.  Out of all the trade partners I’ve had, I am by far the farthest behind in showing off the cards from him.

His envelopes to me are often large, and frequent enough that in order to show off all the cards I’m being sent (which is my ultimate goal), I have to either ignore other trades or posts, or just fall deeper into the hole I’ve dug myself.  All of these cards are from a few transactions ago, and it’s still not the last of that batch.  I better hurry up, because after that round of trade bait I posted, there are some new trades heading my way.

Log lady not pictured

Oh man, this card gives me a Twin Peaks vibe.  I’m sure he’s standing on some white and black zig zag flooring while someone is talking backwards.

I have this now

This first package from madding had a lot of base cards to really help me spark the player collections in the early days.

Dougie Jones

He escaped!  Look out for his evil twin!

the corner of the base bothers me, though

2010 had some good pictures.  I’m excited about this rainbow.

chrome-icizing the base helps

The chrome side won’t be as exciting since the batter is in the shadows, but maybe the refractors will still pop well enough.

Looks like a horse racing track

I think the 206 stuff suffered a little bit because of the terrible photo effects.  At this point, we have enough retro sets that it’s not missed anyway.

Batter not pictured

2011’s Lester parallel hunt may not be as exciting visually, but I’m happy to take the first step with this card.

Strange Topps logo placement.

Of course, good players make things tougher with the league leader cards to contend with.  Good thing the other guys aren’t hugely popular with collectors.

He was framed, I tell ya!

Finally for this round is this framed white Lackey card.  I was surprised to see this Cardinal parallel come my way.  Either it’s an extra or a hate of Lackey or a third thing.  Whatever it was, I’m thankful for it and the other cards he sent to me.

And no, there will be no trade stoppage with madding.  I just need to step up my game a bit, because he’s certainly bringing his.  Can’t let the Cardinals win!

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