2015 NSCC #2 – NIT-picking

Going into the show, I had very good intentions of padding my basketball collections.  I really only have two focuses at this point.  One is to collect the 2011-12 Past & Present master set.  The other is to collect the 1995-96 inserts – which I’m very eager to actually complete.

In reality, the bargain boxes were not organized in the way I was expecting.  Very few people had them sorted by player, which I kind of counted on.  Instead, it was a set price point and here’s the sport of basketball:  good luck.  Because of that, basketball hunting was a lower priority.  I didn’t want to spend an hour or two on these bins to maybe find one card, when I could look at their baseball bins and find a bunch.

That doesn’t mean I walked away empty handed. I just didn’t search much past the first day.

I need a bunch of these still

First up are 6 Bread for…. inserts, 2 of each type.  There are 50 each of these Life, Energy, and Health die cuts with increasing rarity.  The Red Life ones are the toughest with only 1 (or maybe 2) in each box.  I do have a want list on the little top bar of the blog if you want to try helping me out with this or the 95-96 inserts.

Not really a rookie card

The only other basketball cards I wound up grabbing were of Walt Frazier.  I haven’t compiled a checklist, or anything, but if I see a card with Walt Frazier as a SIU Saluki, I will pick it up.

I wonder if they did the gold medallion version of this

Considering Upper Deck doesn’t have the pro license, they make a lot of college uniform cards.  That works out well for me.  You see, I went to SIU, and Walt is pretty easily the most famous and most successful athlete to come through our system.

Yes, it has the same feel and acetate stock as the EX cards you know

It’s really interesting to see those older pictures on the newer designs.  These last three are from the Fleer Retro set, which was a very expensive product.

What a great card

Here’s the last one in the iconic 1986 Fleer design.  Walt Frazier led the Salukis to an NIT Championship in 1967, which is still the only championship banner hanging in our rafters.  We did reach the sweet 16 twice during my student days, though.  Anyway, Walt brought it home.  He also helped the Knicks, but I care a little less about that.

So, I may have struck out on the 1995 insert front, but that’s okay.  I think my time was well spent nonetheless.  Maybe I can find an opportunity to hit a card shop to work on that further.

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