2010 Topps Magic Box Break Video

It’s the end of the year, and that means it’s time for some Magic… Topps-style! Jon and I busted this box (and the other 11 boxes in the case) last night and now you can look at this new set with us! Enjoy!

We’ll have want lists, case breakdowns and reviews up very soon- […]

Jon’s Christmas Haul

I hope everyone out there and a great, safe, action-packed, cardboard-packed, relic-packed, on-card auto-packed, pack-packed holiday season!

The presents are all unwrapped and the candy cane high is finally starting to wind down, so I think it’s about time that I showed off the goods that were waiting for me under the tree. Since this […]

Merry Stras-Mas Everybody!

I hope all you Selig-fearing boys and girls out there were good this year, and that jolly ol’ St. Steve paid you a visit overnight riding his sleigh pulled by 14 Ks.

He doesn’t have enough “upside-down W” deliveries for all of you children, but maybe some of you will be blessed with a 300 […]

Pack Lottery Contest Update

The boxes are here!

A-Rod's excited. Are you?

I’ve had these in my possession for a few days now, and they are calling out to me. I’m ready to rip and get the contest underway! But…I’ll be nice and stick to the original deadline. You still have until January 8 to get your […]

A Review of MLB: The Show 10

Now that MLB: The Show 11 has been announced for a release date of March 3, 2011, I figured it was a good time to finally craft the review I was writing in my head while spending hours and hours of relationship-killing Franchise mode in MLB: The Show 10 over the summer. I have a […]

2009 O-Pee-Chee Baseball Review

Happy Birthday to me! I bought a box of cards! I was at Tim’s Baseball Card Shop a couple months ago when it actually was close to my birthday looking for singles. I had a fresh, crisp $50 bill courtesy of a birthday card, and it seemed only right to trade that green piece of […]

Pack Lottery Contest!!!

It’s been a long time since we held our wildly fun and successful Dawson Hunt contest, so I think it’s high time we give away some free cards. What do ya say?

I just purchased two boxes of 2008 Topps Moments & Milestones in part with money I won in my company’s holiday party bowling […]

College Football Bowl League at Cards On Cards

If you’re like me and you absolutely love playing in fantasy leagues and pools with absolutely no knowledge of the teams, players or rules of the game that’s being fantasy’d, then you want to join the Cards On Cards College Bowl Pick ‘Em! I promise you’ll beat me… if that helps any.

P.S. Is Notre […]

2011 Baseball Card Preview

In an effort to reclaim my mojo for baseball card collecting (in a time when my wallet has also lost its mojo), I thought I’d take a look at the offerings of The One True Card Manufacturer for this coming year (only 3 weeks until 2011… can you believe it?!). First was the flagship:


Where the Eff…

… has Andy, Jon’s more obnoxious blogging half, been for the past two months or so? Well, let me tell you!

– In October, my mom was diagnosed with congenital heart failure and received an aortic valve replacement surgery. It sounds hilariously trivial in a few words like that, but let me assure you that […]