National Catch-Up – Gwynn Edition

Just like I did with Maddux and Thomas, and as I will do one more time after this, I am trying to use the looming NSCC as an excuse to show off some of the cards that I bought at my first National Convention back in 2015.  I have a bunch of cards from 4 years ago that still have not made their way onto the blog and so I’m rectifying that one player at a time.  I could do this several times over and still have cards left, but it must be done sometime.

That time is now.

Eyes peeled for barely different parallels

Today I’m starting with one of the first, if not the first, insert parallel sets.  Also I think this was the first year where there was no gold in those gold medallions.

Follow the yellow swirl road

I’ve had this card for four years and if I saw it at the show, I still might accidentally buy it again because it’s hard to remember that I have something that looks as bland as this.

Pacific Illuminati

If it’s not shaped like a crown, then I’m less likely to care, but just as likely to still need.  What I really want to find at the show is some Prism parallels this time.

Big baller

Someone peeled this thingy already.  I’m going to be a weirdo with these mystery chrome things and try to collect the peeled bordered and unbordered (with refractors of each) and then also the unpeeled bordered and unbordered (because you can easily tell). I wonder if I’ll find any at this show.

I’m a doofus for Dufex

There’s no shortage of shiny stuff at the show, but it’s not too common to find earlier year shiny.  There are plenty more of these to chase as well.

Gimme more holograms

From here on out, we’re looking at nothing but die cuts.  Something I have to remember here is that there’s a gold version of this SPx. It’s not a very obvious difference.


Vinyl is making its comeback in society.  I personally don’t care too much as I’m not a music collector to any degree, but I will gladly take a die cut record card.

I wish this played a song

Five years later, Fleer does it again, but they updated things a bit and went the CD route.  Same effect, same colors, but worse text.

Fighting for the establishment

I bought a box of UD3 at one of the shows, but it was not this year with the die cuts. It was the one with virtually no inserts at all and it cost less than $10. It was fun, but this single card is even better.  I really don’t think I’ll find the lower numbered versions in my price range this year.

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