A Quick Sticker Trade From Dan

I need to get trading again, and I think I’ll be able to do that sometime after the National happens.  I know that I’ll have a lot more stuff to offer thanks to a massive surprise charity package that I won (more on that later) and of course the boxes of cards I plan to buy at the show.  Expect trade bait posts.

I have a few trades still in the works, but I’m slow in a lot of avenues in life.  Expect more of that in August.  But for today, I’m going to showcase a trade with Dan.  We’ve exchanged Topps stickers once before as we saw back in January. And, I have a feeling that we’ll be trading again sometime after I can finally get a 2019 want/trade list up and running.

Here’s what he sent me this time around.

Seems like these albums were all so long ago

All this amounts to 26 long-needed stickers added to my albums.  I’m not sure if Dan realized this at the time, but he is actually the first completed trade after instituting my charity policy.  I haven’t done a great job of updating those pages, or getting trades finalized either….  Still, those 26 stickers mean that I’m going to be giving $78 to the  Greater Chicago Food Depository.

Thank you very much, Dan for another great trade!  Sorry it takes so long for me to get my stinking act together sometimes!

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