Post-Show Post: The Goods

Well, we made it down to Joliet and back in one piece. Actually, two since there are two of us.

It was a mall show, and as Andy said, our first in at least a decade if not closer to 15 years, so we weren’t really sure what to expect. You saw the specs Andy […]

Pre-Show Prep

Today, Jon an I are off to the first card show we’ve been to in something like 15 years. We’re heading to the Louis Joliet Mall to check out what’s supposed to be a 50 table show. I have very fond memories of going to shows as a kid. From 1989-1993, I spent one Sunday […]

The Beginning – Picking My Team

We’ve been at this blog for a month now, so I think it’s about time we start from the beginning.

I wanted to talk about what got me into card collecting as a kid and tell some of the stories and just relive the magic and wonder of collecting. From my first pack, to the […]

Have You Seen This Card Update!

Remember this post, where I mentioned I had that basketball card that wasn’t on any of the Panini Prestige checklists I could find? Well, hide the women and children. The mere mention of this card’s existence may send the masses into an uproar. Board up your windows. Batten down the hatches. Dust off those bomb […]

Million Card Meltdown

Okay. The one code a day thing came to an end. It pretty much had to. We got a tip from Play at the Plate that the Topps site wasn’t random and was spitting out 1960s and 70s cards like nobody’s business.

I must admit, I was skeptical. I thought that “recently unlocked” list was […]

Million Card Impatience!

As expected, I couldn’t hold up my end of the one-a-day thing. I’m justifying it by the fact that these two gems come from the Million Card Giveaway card brandishing Roger Maris’s angry mug. We didn’t get anyone of his stature, but I’m quite pleased with the result.

Code 1:

Tony-O the Tiger… […]

More Million Card Madness

Man I wish “card” started with an “M” so I could get the full alliteration going.

So, are you guys sick of the one-code a day thing yet? Andy and I just picked up another 6 codes in our packs today and are considering just going hog-wild on the website. What do you all think?


Olympic Pack Break and More Million Goodness

I’m covering two topics in this post today. The short one (Topps Million) will be first for those who want to cut and run early.

The “Goodness” mentioned in the title is a relative term. Let’s see what my 2006 Topps Heritage style Mickey Mantle code card gets me.

Let's all take knee, […]

Thursday Million Card Illness!

Well, I’m sick as a mub up in this piece, but this little gem made me smile a bit:

Not only another Cub… not only a pitcher (to go along with Jon’s theme of pitchers and catcher reporting in Cubs camp yesterday)… but also the oldest card we’ve pulled from this contest so far! […]

Topps Million Madness Pt. 3

Before I start, can I just say that Germany is really pulling it’s weight in the Olympics for us. Current medal leader? I’ll take it! Of course all this trash talking is probably going to mean we won’t win a thing from JD’s contest.

Another day, another code to enter. I’d try to build the […]