NPN Success

Today, upon my return from work, I was greeted with an envelope from the fine people at Panini.

My first instinct was that they had sent me a reward for finding that ultra rare, not supposed to be released Patrick Mills insert card. But of course that was a reward in and of itself, so […]

Have You Seen This Card Update!

Remember this post, where I mentioned I had that basketball card that wasn’t on any of the Panini Prestige checklists I could find? Well, hide the women and children. The mere mention of this card’s existence may send the masses into an uproar. Board up your windows. Batten down the hatches. Dust off those bomb […]

Have You Seen This Card?

Cuz…apparently I’m the only one who has.

I submit as Exhibit “A” card #36 in the 09-10 Panini Prestige Basketball NBA Draft Class insert set. Nothing to write home (or on a blog) about normally, but you see this sucker doesn’t show up on the checklist included in the box.

It doesn’t show up […]