If I Were To Collect: Pittsburgh Pirates Edition

(The third in a series: I’m picking one player that I associate with a team (whether they spent the majority of their career there or not) that I would strongly consider adding to my official want lists. They may not always be superstars, or the most popular, and honestly they may not always be my […]

My Thoughts On The Recent Jersey Relic Scandal

Recently, a memorabilia dealer was arrested for mail fraud charges associated with the sales altered sports jerseys. Apparently, this dealer was buying regular consumer-market jerseys and altering them to make them look “game-used.” He then, according to his own confession after arrest, sold those fake “game-used” jerseys to all three major card companies of the […]

Sometimes I Need Cheat Sheets

When you’re as far behind in posting things you receive as I am, you need as much help as you can get.

I’m usually pretty good about getting everything scanned by group into my various collection folders quickly (but not separated by individual card until post time). I also like to write down the package […]

Another Sticker Album In The Books (Part 2)! [VERY Scan Heavy]

Alright. This took forever to put together. I’m talking about both the post and the album. It took two waves of purchases from the Panini Sticker website to complete the album and it takes two posts to finish showing it all off.

Admittedly it probably should have been more than 2. Or I should have […]

This Blog Is Still Active?

As you guys have probably noticed, posting on the blog has been sparse once again. Let’s not sugarcoat things. It’s kind of pathetic.

Just like all the other times this has happened, we have good reasons (although, it’s terrible that we have to even get to this point to begin with). We’ve both been working […]