Another Sticker Album In The Books (Part 2)! [VERY Scan Heavy]

Alright. This took forever to put together. I’m talking about both the post and the album. It took two waves of purchases from the Panini Sticker website to complete the album and it takes two posts to finish showing it all off.

Admittedly it probably should have been more than 2. Or I should have […]

Another Sticker Album In The Books (Part 1)!

Fair warning time: This is going to be scan heavy. Really heavy. Like so heavy, I’m splitting it up into two parts. Okay, the first part won’t be too bad (second part – brutal), but it will be about basketball. If neither are your cup of tea, I don’t blame you for turning away. If […]

Running Out of Options

We’re still in the midst of March Madness, so basketball has been on my mind more often than usual lately. I’ve been neglecting my basketball collections for the most part. One major reason is that they are very specific. There aren’t a lot of people actively looking to push their 1995-96 Series 1 Basketball inserts […]

Trade Madness

How about that Walking Dead season finale? The first half of the season was terrible, and still not wild about all the inconsistencies and random changing of the rules on the fly, but at least we got a nice action packed ending.

Oh, right. Cards. This is going to be a big one. Get ready.


Call Me A Sucker…

…but I actually believe Ryan Braun.

Coming home from work on Friday, I got to hear a large portion of his press conference after his 50-game suspension acquittal. I think just hearing the audio of it, without seeing his face, is what did it.

To this listener, it sounded like he voice was quivering and […]

STICKARZZ!!!!!! (for Trade)

If you’re anything like me, and there’s a small chance that you are considering you read the blog, you geek out a little bit with sticker albums.

Probably the best hobby news I’ve heard all year was that Panini was making an NBA sticker album. Then Topps announced they’re doing an MLB album later this […]