National Catch-Up – Wood Edition

Just like I did with Maddux, Thomas and Gwynn, I am trying to use the looming NSCC as an excuse to show off some of the cards that I bought at my first National Convention back in 2015.  I have a bunch of cards from 4 years ago that still have not made their way onto the blog and so I’m rectifying that one player at a time.  I could do this several times over and still have cards left, but it must be done sometime.

That time is now.

L is Spanish for P

I’m starting off slow for this last installment of this temporary series. As I’ve said before, my first time around saw me buy cards that I wouldn’t have later.  If I saw this in a dime box, then sure, but I avoid most of those boxes as they don’t even have penny sleeves and I’m afraid of the condition.

Limited Edition Ague

Inserts that look like base cards are also low on the priority list.  Cards that have the team name scribbled across the taint should be even lower, and yet….

Indeed still a star at that point

Oh boy, this was the start of a certain kind of era in card design.  Horizontal cards with a honking chunk of meaningless space.  Occasionally used to also accommodate relics.  Design for the rare bits, let the masses deal with the rest.

Kerry Wood and a guy I would prefer to never look at

Alright, now we’ll start getting into the more typical card show fare.  Inserts that are highly unlikely to show their faces in trades?  Yes, please.

Kerry Wood and a guy I’m pretty indifferent about. Never peeling!

Insert parallels that have really high odds, but no market value beyond $1?  Oh, absolutely!

A few years late for the turn of the century

It’s great finding lower numbered cards in the mix as well.  It’s much easier to do with guys like Kerry Wood and relief pitchers, but I do get lucky with bigger names here and there.

Fan Club, not to be confused with Best of Fan Club

There are just so many random parallels to chase over the years, it’s no wonder that most of them are in dollar boxes.

Fleer Bootleg Stuff

You can find anything at the show, including second row tickets.  Back when tickets weren’t digital only.

Bringing the Recips

I’m going to end this little adventure with a non-refractor refractor.  These parallels are not very easy and I think they come less than 1/box.  I haven’t seen one yet that doesn’t have the blurry dot matrix printing for the numbers.  You know what, if that makes it less desirable for most and easier to buy for me, than I’m alright with that.

With this, I am dangerously close to showing all of the Kerry Wood cards I got way back in 2015.  I wonder how many more I will find in just about one week’s time.

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  • I used a handful of Woody’s 1999 Topps Chrome to make a cool piece of artwork on his 20K game in ’98. I was no longer collecting cards then… I had grown out of that phase years earlier. So, I’m mush more fond of Junk Wax. These new-styled designs just don’t do it for me. They’re often overly complex.

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