National Catch-Up – Thomas Edition

Just like I did with Greg Maddux, and as I will do two more times after this, I am trying to use the looming NSCC as an excuse to show off some of the cards that I bought at my first National Convention back in 2015.  I have a bunch of cards from 4 years ago that still have not made their way onto the blog and so I’m rectifying that one player at a time.  I could do this several times over and still have cards left, but it must be done sometime.

A film roll with only one picture on it

We’ll start with a somewhat basic insert.  How many Randy Johnson collectors would have this on their want list?

Bat is oddly off-frame

Cards with unique styles and textures always stand out in the boxes. This has been bindered for a while, so I don’t remember if this actually had a texture or just looks like wood with gloss on top. I’m also too lazy to dig it out to check.

I’d prefer regular foilboard

I don’t fully recall if this was an insert or a subset. I think the basketball version, they were subset cards. Either way, I know that it’s not actually called “Number Crunchers.”

Like A ’98

Not every card I picked up was incredibly exciting. They can’t be. But they were still needs, usually inserts like this where it was worth spending however much to no longer wait for a trade partner to present a 20 year old card.

Dominate the dollar box

Dominators had lost their thrill by 1998.  That just means that I can find several copies on the floor no problem.

Still need 3 more for this year

Minis are pretty scarce at the shows from my experience.  That’s a shame, because I still need so many of those stupid things and you would think it would be the perfect place to pick some up for cheap.

Smile for no variations

This kind of mini is more common to find.  Still annoying to me from a storage standpoint, no matter how much I like the 1971 design. Heritage will be interesting next year.

I’m one of the few that liked Pinnacle’s reboot

There are two versions of these Team Pinnacle cards. He shares the card with Pujols on the other side.  Each has a version where they get the dufex treatment. I either only needed one by this time, or only found one. But it’s a good one.

Yes, marvel at the edges

I really could go on and on with Thomas cards I got at that specific show. And then go even further with my unposted 2017 haul, but I’ll stop here with something that was on my “Hit List” that no longer is (except for the other parallels, of course).  I love finding die cuts I need, and to have one be numbered to 1500 and available to me for only a buck (maybe $2, but I doubt it), is even better.  I’ll be looking for that gold press proof this year.

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