Sticking With It

I know my blog activity has been sparse for the past few years and all readership has evaporated, but I do still want to keep things going here. Some of you may know that work is the biggest factor. When things get busy, I’m usually putting in 60-100 hours a week for about 6 months. […]

Sticker Set Calling

I’m going to make this pretty short and very sweet (for me, at least). Many of my catch up trade posts have been long (and many of the trades left to post are also very large). The packages I received were filled to the brim and I now have the propensity/gumption to show every card […]

Another Album In The Books

What a difference a year makes.

What a difference trading with kids makes.

Despite knowing more people that were trying to complete the 2011 MLB sticker album, I wasn’t able to finish it off until after the 2012 book was released.

The sophomore release was a lot easier thanks in large part to the number […]

Penultimate 2012 Sticker Showcase

The Topps Sticker albums are a wonderful thing. They are the best proof that I personally have that children are still interested in collecting baseball stuff.

I know that Opening Day is supposed to be geared towards young collectors, too, but I’ve never had a parent email me asking to help his kid complete his […]

I Did (Part Of) It All By Myself!

In all the excitement of this latest flurry of sticker trades (and I still have a couple more to go), I forgot all about showing off the pages that I completed myself.

Every year (read “both”), I buy a few handfuls of packs to give me a head start and get the doubles pile ready […]

Keeping Things Small

The good news is that I’m back. I have a new laptop to replace my randomly shutting down desktop and I think it’s all set up to handle what I need it to do. I also am 2 weeks into my new job working from home. I currently have tons and tons of extra time […]

A Smaller Trade From A Giant Fan

When I say “small,” I don’t mean insignificant. Not by any means. Quite the opposite, actually. And when I say “Giant fan,” I don’t mean of us. No, no, no. I simply mean that a fan of the Baseball team from San Francisco, ARPsmith from ARPSmith’s Sportscard Obsession, sent over some smaller sized items in […]

Trading Stickers With Kids

If we’re being technical, this should probably be a “Part 2.” In case you’re wondering, “Part 1” would be this post. At around the same time that trade was being arranged, Mary contacted me about trading some stickers for her two boys.

Of course I was very happy to oblige. A couple quick emails, a […]

Sometimes I Need Cheat Sheets

When you’re as far behind in posting things you receive as I am, you need as much help as you can get.

I’m usually pretty good about getting everything scanned by group into my various collection folders quickly (but not separated by individual card until post time). I also like to write down the package […]

Another Sticker Album In The Books (Part 2)! [VERY Scan Heavy]

Alright. This took forever to put together. I’m talking about both the post and the album. It took two waves of purchases from the Panini Sticker website to complete the album and it takes two posts to finish showing it all off.

Admittedly it probably should have been more than 2. Or I should have […]