Another Album In The Books

What a difference a year makes.

What a difference trading with kids makes.

Despite knowing more people that were trying to complete the 2011 MLB sticker album, I wasn’t able to finish it off until after the 2012 book was released.

The sophomore release was a lot easier thanks in large part to the number of parents contacting me to trade with their kids.

Even if they’re lying and keep the stickers for themselves, it was still great to interact with a bunch of new people and trading the old fashioned way.

It’s because of people like Jason and his son that I was able to fill the very last slot of my 2012 album while it was still 2012.

Street from the Suite

Huston ain’t a problem no more. Let’s see where he fits in.

Padres Before

Let’s hope this is the last time we have to see an empty page with bad numbering.

Padres After

Ta da!  Look at that Friar Swing!  What a great feeling it is to put that final touch on the final page, finally.

Thank you to Jason, his son, and everyone else who made this dream a reality. I hope you can help me out again in just about a month when the new 2013 Sticker Album hits the shelves.

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