This Trade is Garbage…

…Pail Kids!

My foray into collecting again is nothing if not based on nostalgia. I don’t know if more recent generations will have the same fondness for their youth, but practically every kid that grew up in the 80s loves to reminisce about pop-culture from the “early days.” Whether it’s cable television, MTV, and saturday […]

Puppy Bowl is Finally Here!

It’s been an agonizing 364 day wait, but we can all rest easy. Puppy Bowl VII has arrived! Check your local listings and be sure to watch the grudge match of the decade!

Oh..and there’s some other game with some stupid cheese-eating hosers from Wisconsin against some factory workers in PA, but who really cares […]

Super Mailday!

The best part about going out of town for a week is coming home to awesome mail. Even better is awesome mail you forgot was even coming!

The worst part is when it happened like 3 weeks ago and the cards have been sitting on your desk, waiting to be stored properly and the sender […]