Super Mailday!

The best part about going out of town for a week is coming home to awesome mail. Even better is awesome mail you forgot was even coming!

The worst part is when it happened like 3 weeks ago and the cards have been sitting on your desk, waiting to be stored properly and the sender to be appropriately thanked and honored. But, at any rate…

First up is a forgotten eBay accidental win. That’s how I win everything nowadays, since I don’t have any real right to be winning anything on eBay, what with the poverty and all. But still, for a buck and change, it’s hard to beat an addition to the Royals On-Card Auto Collection! (Note the fancy new PhotoBucket link! We’ve jumped into the 1997s!)

Run all the way to AAA, Mike!


Throw that ball all the way past Billy Butler, Kila!

These two guys represent the future of… someone else’s backup infield, most likely. Aviles is having a power-less, but okay year on the big league club after going through Tommy John surgery last year. I’ve mentioned him before when I received his Bowman Blue auto for the exact same price as I paid for this one.

Kila is a longstanding top prospect in the Royals system. He’s currently on the big league club and batting below the Mendoza line in extremely limited action. He’s blocked by Billy Butler unless they move him back to DH… but now Mike Aviles is the DH. So… maybe the Cubs want him to replace DLee?

But the real treat of this mailday was completely Royal-free.

Night Owl rocks the blue tape!

Beat-up though they may be, these cards came at the perfect price of $0 and 0 cents. Why? Because I asked for them. And because Night Owl is, by far, the best sportscard blogger working today. Not just because he sends us awesome free cards, but because his posts are consistently articulate and presented with the utmost care. Where he finds the time, I do not know. He may have to sacrifice 30 kittens daily to slow time down enough to write his posts and it would still be worth it. Solid dude. Here’s a peek at what treasures the blue tape unstickily covered.

Strong Guy: bad character, worse name

So, let’s get this straight: NO sent not only the best card of the 1991 Marvel Series 1 setand the best card from my 1981 Fleer want list (Fernando, of course), but he also included a variation I needed (the Jefferson) and like 25 cards not pictured here? Yes. Yes he did.

To summarize: Night Owl, you are a God among bros. You are Broseidan, King of the Brocean. We at CG salute you, good friend. Next trade, you’ve got some Dodgers with your name on them!

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