Can’t Spell “Really Big Card Trade” Without GCRL – Part 5 of 5

I have a couple trade irons in the fire and recently got a couple packages from people as well.  I’ve been away for a couple weeks due to some work things and haven’t fully logged everything.  I also need to get some return packages together when I can find a little bit of a chance.  All in due time, I suppose.  As for right now, I don’t have the opportunity to go through cards for those things, but I can write.

So, allow me to welcome back cards from Jim, who was originally known for his blog GCRL (hence the title) and creator of several side blogs. He is now writing for cards as i see them.  As you know already, I completed a nice big trade with him late last year and you can catch the first part of the trade here, if you’d like. Second part here. Third part here. Fourth part here.

As promised, there is a rough theme to this final batch…or at least with most of them.

That helmet aligns with the arch pretty well

Some of these Gypsy Queen years blur together. All I can really say about this is that it’s not the year where the SP version is the image shifted over and zoomed in a few pixels.

Framing pitches

We’re starting a little bit of a theme for this last batch. Let’s start painting more than just corners with these art-based dealies.


I’m assuming that these are photo filters of some kind, at least on the main image. I like that there is less detail in the background, actually as it makes the player stand out more.

Who do you see?

No photo effect here. Just a very loose representation of the player. If I didn’t have the nameplate, I might be more inclined to guess Derrek Lee over Heyward.

It’s no Ichiro

Straight up painting with artist signature and everything.  The uniform and hat may look a little flat, but the face has nice dimension to it.

Future MVP runner-up

No artist signature on the front for this rebooted Gallery card.  I do appreciate the colored pencil work. That’s my mom’s medium of choice and it’s great to see details done well with it.


Alright, I’m out of art cards. Although, in a way, aren’t all cards art?  Makes you reflect like Albert, doesn’t it?

I miss the teal and silver

Anyway, here’s a golden opportunity for me to wrap up this trade series in a clever way, but I’m sure I’m going to blow it.

Don’t even need the foil nameplate

Jim, thank you once again for all the great cards and what turned out to be months worth of sporadic content.  Take a curtain call.  You’ve earned it.

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