Predicting the Future of Sports…

…from 1981!

When I was back home last, I found this book that I bought in High School for about 10 cents from the public library. I know this isn’t card related, but it should be fun nonetheless. Bare with me.

It’s called “The People’s Almanac Presents The Book of Predictions.” Published in 1981, the […]

We Have A Winner?….!

Danny Trejo is… Bichette

Has anyone else seen this happen? I found this while rummaging through old cards some time ago. I can see the indentations on the front of the card, even though they didn’t scan well. What we actually have here is a Dante Bichette 1992 Topps Gold Winner variation that’s […]

Would Your Team Sign This Guy?

The big talk around MLB is how “long” the negotiations between Derek Jeter and the Yankees have taken so far. With reports indicating that the two sides are up to $80 million and a couple contract years apart in their thinking, a resolution may not be coming any time soon.

Now, while I don’t necessarily […]

How Bowman Chrome Is Sucking My Will To Collect

Let’s get one thing straight: I hate Bowman Chrome. I think it’s done irreparable damage to “Thee Hobby” in general and, specifically, my interest in collecting baseball cards. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way but, given that the product seems to sell out every single year, I’m in the minority […]

2010 Topps Update Baseball Review

Main Set When comparing Topps Update to Topps Series 2, it’s clear as cream that improvements have been made. There were no drastically miscut cards to be found this time around (although our Jumbo boxes did encounter the not uncommon phenomenon of bent corners on cards that dwelled near the tops/bottoms of the brick packs), […]

Player Collection Progress Report

I just realized that it’s been right around 6 months since I officially started collecting specific players instead of sets. I’m also just over a year back into the hobby. Looking back and comparing the two 6-month periods, there’s no doubt the second half was much more fulfilling and exciting as a collector.

Before, I […]

A Gem of a Trade With Emerald City

I think it’s about time for another trade post, don’t you? This one comes courtesy of Emerald City Diamond Gems, your one stop shop for all things Mariners. All I had to do was ship off some cards from my 1997 Fleer Series 2 box break and I got these babies to add to my […]



There used to be a time when opening a pack of cards and finding an autograph inside was something you only heard about on the playground. It never really happened, even if Tomothy’s brother’s best-friend’s cousin’s neighbor swears he saw it with his own eyes.

When I left the hobby, autographs were starting to […]

Non-Trade Player Collection Write-Up Thingy

Now that “Conan” is over, I can write a quick little post.

One of my goals with this blog is to write a little blurb on each individual card from my player collections. Mostly, I’ve been accomplishing this through trade posts. On my trade posts, however, I mostly only feature some key highlights and not […]

Future Community Break Questions

Many, many people are holding or participating in group breaks right now, and I’m usually too slow on the draw to take part. I’ve held one group break (dubbed Community Break around these parts, city slicker), and it left me wanting more.

This time around, instead of buying a bunch of stuff and then asking […]