Upper Deck Community Break Box #2: 1999 Upper Deck Retro

Are you ready to take a trip back in time? I hope so, because we’re opening 1999 Upper Deck Retro.

Keep your fingers crossed that our time traveling is more like “Back to the Future” and less like “Blast From the Past.”

How has "cool" not become passe slang by now?

It’s worth mentioning […]

Your 2011 Cubs Opening Day Starter Is…

I meant to post this right when it was announced early in spring training, but as you may know I’m not the most punctual. So…I decided to wait until actual opening day. Taking the mound for your 2011 Chicago Cubs: Ryan Dempster!

I better get used to this picture. I'm sure I'll be seeing […]

We Have A Winner?….!

Danny Trejo is… Bichette

Has anyone else seen this happen? I found this while rummaging through old cards some time ago. I can see the indentations on the front of the card, even though they didn’t scan well. What we actually have here is a Dante Bichette 1992 Topps Gold Winner variation that’s […]

A Gem of a Trade With Emerald City

I think it’s about time for another trade post, don’t you? This one comes courtesy of Emerald City Diamond Gems, your one stop shop for all things Mariners. All I had to do was ship off some cards from my 1997 Fleer Series 2 box break and I got these babies to add to my […]

2010 Topps Update Case Break Highlights

Between work schedules, wedding planning, various social obligations, and other personal matters, Andy and me have been out of the blogging commission for a little over a week now, but since this is Halloween and all, I’m going to disguise myself as a blogger who posts regularly.

In our latest attempt to flip cases in […]

The Bat Doctor Makes a House Call

I’ve been lucky enough to trade with a few non-blogging readers in my short time doing this (sporadic as it may be at this moment – sorry this post is going to be pretty short, too). This latest trade revolves around a guy dubbed “Bat Doctor.” He was interested in my Sandberg sportscaster #/25 and […]

Capewood’s Collections’ Clearance Cubs

I’ve always been the type to try my luck at grab bag situations, and I’ve been known to do okay. Back when I would frequent card shows in my teen years, there were a couple dealers that would have team bags or shrink wrapped bricks and if you found a hole punched card or a […]

Custom Cards and a Contest

The contest isn’t mine, it’s by “Hey, That’s Mine!” Possibly the greatest custom card creator I’ve seen. You still have a little bit of time left to enter. Do so here.

I promise the prize you could win will be a lot better than anything I’ve created in my past. Want some proof?