Top 15 2014 Topps Series 1 Card Sales – 5 Case Breakdown

When we last left the blog, we were asking everyone to stay tuned for more details of our case breaking resurgence. We opened 5 jumbo cases of 2014 Topps, and our intention was to showcase stuff on here to help facilitate more sales. Life kinda got in the way of all that. We still tried […]

Important Announcement! Community Gum: The Store!

It’s been in the works behind the scenes for a while now, but the unveiling can finally occur.

We are proud to announce that Community Gum is now an online retailer.

This is a step we’ve been wanting to take for some time, and it’s finally actually happening. It will be slow going to start […]

2010 Topps Update Case Break Highlights

Between work schedules, wedding planning, various social obligations, and other personal matters, Andy and me have been out of the blogging commission for a little over a week now, but since this is Halloween and all, I’m going to disguise myself as a blogger who posts regularly.

In our latest attempt to flip cases in […]

2010 Topps Chrome Baseball Case Break

Last week we got a case of 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball in from Blowout Cards that we pre-ordered quite a while back. This was an incredibly fun break, even if the case price dropped sharply after we pre-ordered.

Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances, we didn’t get any video of this break. I know most […]

The Great, Cheap Ebay Lot Pt. 1

I think I just struck Gold. Not Topps Gold, but better. Even better than Topps Black Gold!

About two weeks ago, I won a big lot on ebay. Here’s the picture and description:

That's a lot of Pro Set in there…I'm in!

“You are bidding on a large collection of football and baseball […]

Sshhh, Don’t Look Now!

Sshhh! Don’t look now, but Panini is right behind you, checking you out. Nononono, don’t look, don’t look! No, seriously I think Panini’s looking to put some hardcore moves on you.

What’s it doing? Well, right now it’s kind of just sitting in the corner watching a couple others fight, but there’s something about it. […]

More on Upper Deck, Exclusivity and the Hobby

You may all be sick of this stuff by now, but I’m fascinated by the lively discussion. There were a few comments from yesterday’s post that warrant a good response and I thought it would be more interesting to make into a separate post.

Alex and Wax Wombat differed on the true nature of Upper […]

Upper Deck settles lawsuit with MLBP

Well, I have to say this whole thing worked out much quicker and more cleanly than I would have imagined. I’m a little surprised that Upper Deck didn’t see it out and try to fight the claims made by MLBP, but when you get down to it, it actually makes sense in a weird way. […]

Upper Deck Theoretical Situation

or: “How I Learned to Start Worrying and Hate Redemptions Even More”

Thanks to the Konami vs. Upper Deck counterfeiting lawsuit, as well as what is now another lawsuit brought about by MLB Properties (perhaps Topps will soon follow with their own), there’s been a lot of talk that Upper Deck may be on it’s […]