Suggestions to Improve the Topps MLB Sticker Album

I’ve been buying and collecting the Topps MLB sticker albums ever since their return to shelves in 2011 (but I haven’t completed one since 2012 – help me out by looking here and trading!). Usually it’s a fun diversion and a little bit of a nostalgia trip as I’m reminded of growing up in the […]

The Future Of Card Collecting

Before we get into the post, I want to make an announcement/request.


If you have something we’ve talked about, leave a comment or email me before sending it but, barring some sabotage, I will be closing on a house this […]

In Defense Of Topps (and Panini)

The past couple weeks have seen articles written about the card collecting hobby (specifically baseball card collecting) by people that I would personally consider to be outsiders. The authors even allude or admit to their status as outsiders. These high-profile writers are using their newspapers or aggregate blog services to chime the death knell of […]

Thoughts on Upper Deck CEO Richard McWilliam’s death

Today, the industry lost a major player and a highly influential force when Upper Deck Co-Founder and CEO Richard McWilliam died suddenly. Here’s the story from Beckett for any interested in learning more.

My thoughts upon hearing the news were conflicted. Of course I feel for the families and co-workers affected, and I’ll touch on […]

My Thoughts On The Recent Jersey Relic Scandal

Recently, a memorabilia dealer was arrested for mail fraud charges associated with the sales altered sports jerseys. Apparently, this dealer was buying regular consumer-market jerseys and altering them to make them look “game-used.” He then, according to his own confession after arrest, sold those fake “game-used” jerseys to all three major card companies of the […]

Running Out of Options

We’re still in the midst of March Madness, so basketball has been on my mind more often than usual lately. I’ve been neglecting my basketball collections for the most part. One major reason is that they are very specific. There aren’t a lot of people actively looking to push their 1995-96 Series 1 Basketball inserts […]

Card Collecting Terms I Hate

It’s been a couple years now since I’ve delved back into card collecting. I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen some terrible trends come about in my decade-plus-long absence that I would love to have the power to quash right now. There’s plenty of nit-picking that could be done, but for now let’s just […]

Panini Announces MLBPA License…And I’m A Little Worried

I’ve found that I don’t typically share the same opinions about the hobby as a lot of the bloggers and twitterers out there.

While several of you out there like to claim every quality control issue is a product of the Topps monopoly, I see it as a simple quality control issue. Was every production […]

Upper Deck Theoretical Situation

or: “How I Learned to Start Worrying and Hate Redemptions Even More”

Thanks to the Konami vs. Upper Deck counterfeiting lawsuit, as well as what is now another lawsuit brought about by MLB Properties (perhaps Topps will soon follow with their own), there’s been a lot of talk that Upper Deck may be on it’s […]