In Defense Of Topps (and Panini)

The past couple weeks have seen articles written about the card collecting hobby (specifically baseball card collecting) by people that I would personally consider to be outsiders. The authors even allude or admit to their status as outsiders. These high-profile writers are using their newspapers or aggregate blog services to chime the death knell of […]

2012 Panini National Sports Collectors Convention 5-Pack Break

Once again, neither delegate from the state of Community Gum attended the National Sports Collectors Convention this year. At least one of us should and will be roaming the show floor in 2013 when the NSCC returns to Chicago.

Even though we weren’t able to see all the amazing action in person, nor stand in […]

It’s A Cardboard Smorgasbord

There’s no doubt in my mind that I’m the last person from BA Benny’s Baseball Card Buffet’s massively awesome group break to show off their goods. I’ve seen a couple of you go through the piles of cards in extreme detail, and most of you give a couple key highlights. I’ll be in that latter […]

Predicting the Future of Sports #2…With Pictures/Proof!

Because you, the general public, demanded a sequel to the controversial original post, I bring you

Predicting the Future of Sports #2

Here’s the header to re-familiarize yourself with everything.

When I was back home last, I found this book that I bought in High School for about 10 cents from the public library. I […]

2010 Topps Platinum Football Video Box Break

Due to a combination of the 2nd blizzardiest blizzard in Chicago history and the perfect storm of laziness + birthday/anniversary/Valentine’s Day celebrations, I finally got around to cracking a box of 2010 Platinum football that I originally intended to be a live break during the Super Bowl. Enjoy it!

I’m glad my cell phone […]

Puppy Bowl is Finally Here!

It’s been an agonizing 364 day wait, but we can all rest easy. Puppy Bowl VII has arrived! Check your local listings and be sure to watch the grudge match of the decade!

Oh..and there’s some other game with some stupid cheese-eating hosers from Wisconsin against some factory workers in PA, but who really cares […]

Contest Reminder – Mine and 3 Others

Just a friendly reminder that there’s still time to enter my incredibly easy Pack Lottery Contest relating to an incredibly convoluted product. Check out the link for more details on how to enter and how to get multiple entries (hint: if you’re a twitter follower already, you might as well enter). You didn’t win the […]

2010 Topps Magic Want List

Magic, magic, magic. There’s been more Magic talk on this blog lately than on a Doug Henning Memorial site (albeit with far inferior mustaches here), but I have one more post about this glorious product. The collation in our case was nothing short of remarkable when considering it came from the Topps factories. We’re very […]

The Great, Cheap Ebay Lot Pt. 2

Remember way back in July when I posted about this big ol’ ebay lot I bought for about $30 shipped? That thing stayed mostly untouched for a good long while. I finally took the time to go through some of it. Let me tell you that there was a lot to go through. In fact […]

2010 Topps Football Case Break

Well, we took the plunge. After some research and critical thinking (i.e. “Those Rookie Premiere Autos look sweet!”), we talked with our new besties at Blowout Cards and got ourselves a fine deal on our case. Neither Jon nor I are football collectors (though, fantasy football has made me something of a football “follower”) so […]