These Are The Breaks

Before my finances got all out of whack and I had a steady stream of disposable income, I was able to take part in a couple cheap group breaks.

Now, normally, I give each of these their own post, but I’m not going to. Neither resulted in anything for my player collections anyway, so each […]

Group Break Trading

Right around the same time that I held my All-Upper Deck group break, Ryan H of “O” No!!! Another Orioles Blog, was holding a smaller 3-box break. He came to me with the idea of trading. We’d swap open slots in our breaks (and I think he floated a couple bucks my way to cover […]

The Only Time I Root For The White Sox

Is when I’m participating in a group break and I’ve claimed them.

Okay, I guess I also cheered along in 2005. I may be anti-South Side, but if anyone’s going to win the World Series, I was happy that it could have been a team in Chicago. Even if it does mean people on my […]

If I Were To Collect: Chicago White Sox Edition

As a player collector, I always have thoughts about expanding my spectrum. Just as set collectors find new sets they want to tackle, I have certain players that infiltrate my head. I’m not such a hometown only guy that I can’t like or admire admire ballplayers from every organization’s history. Just look at my previous […]

Same Song and Dance

I know. You’ve seen it all before. Three other times now. But when Colbey from Cardboard Collections keeps holding his “Affordable Monthly Group Breaks” (and we all know that blog is the home of said breaks) I find it hard to resist. In fact, I just signed up for my sixth go-round. What you’re about […]

Can’t Get Enough of That Group Break Stuff

Greetings from the 51st state!

No, this isn’t an announcement post. I’m not starting up another group break for a while. I don’t think I’ll go nearly as big as 11 boxes next time, either. That was just a bit too unwieldy. Of course, I picked a terrible time (personally) to hold it. But anyway, […]

It’s A Cardboard Smorgasbord

There’s no doubt in my mind that I’m the last person from BA Benny’s Baseball Card Buffet’s massively awesome group break to show off their goods. I’ve seen a couple of you go through the piles of cards in extreme detail, and most of you give a couple key highlights. I’ll be in that latter […]

One Good Break Deserves Another

Just so we’re clear, the “One Good Break” is the group break Colbey (flywheels) held quite a while back ago. He’s since held two more (of which, I participated in one as partial payment for my break — that rundown will be coming to the blog eventually). The “Another” is hopefully my recent breaks.

The […]

Does this change your opinion?

Well, in terms of viewer voting for whom I should collect (yes, my title was grammatically incorrect), it’s a landslide. The Riot leads with, I believe, everyone’s vote.

I think I have my mind basically made up and I’ll announce the lucky winner(s?) on my next post, but I just wanted to share this with […]