2010 Topps Magic Football SP List

As a public service to you and yours this NFL Playoff season, we here at Community Gum present to you the 2010 Topps Magic Football SP list. As of yet, Topps has not released this list formally, but based on our case, here is the complete 48 card list of short prints. Full review and […]

Merry Stras-Mas Everybody!

I hope all you Selig-fearing boys and girls out there were good this year, and that jolly ol’ St. Steve paid you a visit overnight riding his sleigh pulled by 14 Ks.

He doesn’t have enough “upside-down W” deliveries for all of you children, but maybe some of you will be blessed with a 300 […]

Junk Wax Trade Emails Coming Soon!

Before the first snowfall in Chicago….

Before the temperature dropped 30 degrees within a 24-hour time period….

Before holiday parties and Christmas shopping occupied everyone’s minds….

Before Thanksgiving, I wrote a little something mentioning that I was going back to my parents’ house and I was planning to raid the droves of junk wax to […]

We Have A Winner?….!

Danny Trejo is… Bichette

Has anyone else seen this happen? I found this while rummaging through old cards some time ago. I can see the indentations on the front of the card, even though they didn’t scan well. What we actually have here is a Dante Bichette 1992 Topps Gold Winner variation that’s […]

Would Your Team Sign This Guy?

The big talk around MLB is how “long” the negotiations between Derek Jeter and the Yankees have taken so far. With reports indicating that the two sides are up to $80 million and a couple contract years apart in their thinking, a resolution may not be coming any time soon.

Now, while I don’t necessarily […]

I Already Won My World Series

Yes. I know the MLB Playoffs just started.

Yes. I know the Cubs are not part of said Playoffs.

Yes. I know the Yankees are up 2-0 on the Twins, making the chances of Girardi signing with the Cubs even smaller.

Yes. Halladay’s no-hitter was impressive. Despite that…

Yes. I am currently already bored with […]

My Dad is Awesome!

The last time I went home to visit my parents, my dad surprised me with a little treat. You see, my parents are both antique dealers now that they’re retired and they frequent all kinds of stores and flea markets. I used to go with them as a child, but always against my will. Every […]

Stanley Cup, here we come!

Chief Kermy

I’m not a hockey collector, but I am swiftly becoming a hockey fan. I started watching during last year’s playoffs. I had no idea what was going on, and I still don’t fully understand the rules and can’t follow who’s doing what when. All I know is that the game is […]

Does this change your opinion?

Well, in terms of viewer voting for whom I should collect (yes, my title was grammatically incorrect), it’s a landslide. The Riot leads with, I believe, everyone’s vote.

I think I have my mind basically made up and I’ll announce the lucky winner(s?) on my next post, but I just wanted to share this with […]

Are You Ready For Some FOOTBAAALLLLLL!!?!!?!!?

Hold on…I just need to tie my shoe first. Which rabbit goes where?

This has to be the best action shot of a punter I’ve ever seen.