We Have A Winner?….!

Danny Trejo is... Bichette

Has anyone else seen this happen?  I found this while rummaging through old cards some time ago.  I can see the indentations on the front of the card, even though they didn’t scan well.  What we actually have here is a Dante Bichette 1992 Topps Gold Winner variation that’s missing the foil.  I’m assuming this was a printing fluke, but I didn’t know if anyone had any knowledge about how widespread the problem was.

I like the card without the stamping.  It’s odd, like seeing a dog without its collar on.  It also makes the 1992 Topps design look more like it belongs in a sticker album.

While we’re on the subject of Topps Gold, did anyone else know about the trick when redeeming your scratch off winner cards?  As you most likely were aware, each pack came with a scratch off game card.  If you uncovered all three stats without recording an out, you won a pack of Topps Gold cards via mail.  All you had to do was sign the back and give them a little bit in shipping.  A few weeks later, your Gold Winner cards arrived.

Well, my cousin told me that if you did everything BUT sign the back of the card, you would get the normal Topps Gold cards and not the Winner stamps.  We tried it out at home and dagnabit if it didn’t work!  It was a pretty nifty trick, and I have no idea why it made a difference, but it did.

Did you guys know that?  Did you try it, too?  Don’t you wish you could hop in your Delorean and try it right now?

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