Greetings From India

Hi everybody. Greetings from halfway around the world. I’m currently sitting in a hotel room in a lesser known, but still incredibly busy city in India for a work trip.

It is not going well. I do not wish you were here. Actually, that’s partly not true. It would be great if someone were here […]

State of Affairs

Quite a bit has happened since my last blog post, and a lot will likely happen in the next couple weeks, so I thought it best to give a quick rundown.

Since my last post, work has kicked my ass. It’s a finicky position where I don’t fully know when I will be extremely busy […]

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

(Post title inspired by the above song – which I argue is the best song on the entire Black Album. Thought about writing some parody lyrics, but that might be stupid, so I didn’t. Anyway, we now return to our regularly scheduled programme: “Gomme communautaire” – Community Gum)

I hear it all the time. […]

I Met A Pack Searcher

Do you ever get that adrenaline rush coursing through your body right before something’s going to go down? It could be a car accident. It could be people moshing a little too roughly at a concert. It could be an unexpected meeting with the boss. Your body is psyching yourself up for confrontation. It’s screaming […]

The Second Best Card I Ever Pulled

…is currently up for auction on Ebay.

The year: 1997. My collecting days were beginning to wind down. I was 16 or 17 years old, and the work force’s call had to be answered. Normally, you would think that money from a job would mean more money for cards, but alas this was not to […]

We Have A Winner?….!

Danny Trejo is… Bichette

Has anyone else seen this happen? I found this while rummaging through old cards some time ago. I can see the indentations on the front of the card, even though they didn’t scan well. What we actually have here is a Dante Bichette 1992 Topps Gold Winner variation that’s […]

Why I Rooted For San Francisco

While perusing the blogs during my limited off-hours, it seemed to me that people rooting for the San Francisco Giants to win the World Series were few and far between. It could be that I didn’t frequent enough blogs from the other side of the spectrum, but that was my impression.

San Francisco has become […]

I Already Won My World Series

Yes. I know the MLB Playoffs just started.

Yes. I know the Cubs are not part of said Playoffs.

Yes. I know the Yankees are up 2-0 on the Twins, making the chances of Girardi signing with the Cubs even smaller.

Yes. Halladay’s no-hitter was impressive. Despite that…

Yes. I am currently already bored with […]

My Dad is Awesome!

The last time I went home to visit my parents, my dad surprised me with a little treat. You see, my parents are both antique dealers now that they’re retired and they frequent all kinds of stores and flea markets. I used to go with them as a child, but always against my will. Every […]

Custom Cards and a Contest

The contest isn’t mine, it’s by “Hey, That’s Mine!” Possibly the greatest custom card creator I’ve seen. You still have a little bit of time left to enter. Do so here.

I promise the prize you could win will be a lot better than anything I’ve created in my past. Want some proof?