Thoughts on the 2012 Topps Baseball SSP Announcement: There Has To Be A Better Way

I know what you’re thinking. This of all things brought me out of semi-retirement? Well, yes and no.

Andy has been holding down the fort for a while, and he may have to for a little while longer. I haven’t posted in a ridiculously long time for several reasons. I’ll get into that in another […]

Custom Cards and a Contest

The contest isn’t mine, it’s by “Hey, That’s Mine!” Possibly the greatest custom card creator I’ve seen. You still have a little bit of time left to enter. Do so here.

I promise the prize you could win will be a lot better than anything I’ve created in my past. Want some proof?

Deconstruction of a Card

While going back through some of the cards we’ve accumulated thus far, I came across the Andruw Jones 2000 Bowman’s Best we got as part of that quarter bundle at the card show.

I noticed that the protective coating on the sides was starting to peel off. It’s kind of tough to see in the […]