A Gem of a Trade With Emerald City

I think it’s about time for another trade post, don’t you? This one comes courtesy of Emerald City Diamond Gems, your one stop shop for all things Mariners. All I had to do was ship off some cards from my 1997 Fleer Series 2 box break and I got these babies to add to my […]

A Trade With The Sandlot That Goes For-ev-er

**Quick update for all the Community Break participants: Your packages went out the door today! Sorry it took a little longer than I wanted. The product breakdowns, along with showing off some of the goods still up for trade, will be starting any day now. But first, I have to properly honor at least one […]

Custom Cards and a Contest

The contest isn’t mine, it’s by “Hey, That’s Mine!” Possibly the greatest custom card creator I’ve seen. You still have a little bit of time left to enter. Do so here.

I promise the prize you could win will be a lot better than anything I’ve created in my past. Want some proof?

Dawson Hunt 2010: We Have a Winner!

Holy Hawk, cardfolk! Our very first contest has come to a close and was a rousing success! We had 19 entries, most of which were from first-time commenters (hence the sometimes annoying comment approval delay- sorry about that, Craig!). We can’t thank you all enough for the support of our first contest and can’t wait […]

Dawson Hunt is ending soon!

The contest ends at 11:59 EST. Just a few hours left to get your guesses in!! Click here to play!

And yes, this is a handmade card from when I was 12 years old or so, but that’s a story for a different post. Don’t ask me why there’s no pitcher. Probably too much […]

Gentlemen, Start Your “Hawk” Eyes!

The time has come. We’ve teased it for a while now, but our first official contest is underway! Here’s how it works.

If you’ve been following our last couple posts, you know that we won over 700 packs of junk wax in an ebay lot. The packs ranged all sports (and we mean all – […]

It’s Coming…

Jon and I have both been out of town, but we’ve got something big planned… our very first contest!

Stay tuned for more details this week… and be prepared for something DAWSON.

(I hope the replacement of “awesome” with “Dawson” came through there… I feel like it didn’t have the soft-rhyming magic I had […]