Not Jesting About This Mostly Retail Exclusive Trade

I think it may be about time to put up another round of trade bait.  My second, and most recent wave, was a decent success.  I also need to try to sell some bigger value cards (since those are tougher to trade).  In short, I’m anxious to get stuff out of my house, but haven’t actually managed to motivate myself to do it, beyond “wanting to do.”

I need to remind myself by revisiting past trades like this fun assortment from Matt at Diamond Jesters. As per usual, I don’t really remember what I sent over his way, but I guess that goes to prove “out of sight, out of mind.”

Not wild about the bright red uniform

It’s hard not to appreciate the joy on Heyward’s face as he rounds what I believe to be third base. Love seeing the blurry fielder in the back telling us the ball is still on the ground.

Bat toss

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. I hope Soler can avoid injuries this year and have a nice productive season with the Royals.

Not a parallel

I have a very hard time keeping the different years of Donruss straight. They all look very similar. 2019 seems promising after a nasty 2018. This is from one of the prior years.

Hate the fake art

As far as I know, Bryant has not been named the Diamond King yet.  No one should be subjected to this gross paintbrush photo filter effect, though.

That’s the face of shoulder tightness

I’m losing track, but I think this is the non-variation version.  The variations for 2018 (I do recognize this unflattering design) are extremely common and I was able to get virtually every one in the box I bought after this trade completed. I believe that makes the regular cards more short printed.

Real art card

It would be great if retail exclusive sets didn’t exist.  I like to avoid Wal-Marts as much as possible and there are only a couple I know of in the suburbs, none actually close to me.  I’m quite thankful for the trades that result in them.

Come back strong, KB

Matt even included this Bryant canvas parallel.  I’m digging the colored pencil pictures. It would be even better if these borders had some texture to them.

Name all the players

There are two KB cards in the Wrigley 100 year set. This is card #35 for those that care. It could almost be a Panini card with such little logo showing, but it’s still a great image.


Speaking of Wal-Mart, Topps decided to reduce their local sales by putting the 30-card KB highlight cards in WM packs.


Like I said, there are no in-city Wal-Marts in Chicago that I’m aware of.  There are plenty of Targets (that got Jeter – another one that would be hurt by NYC Wal-Mart locations). I can think of 4 I can easily get to, and 2 I’m most likely to frequent. 1 where I’ve seen a Cubs player in the store (story for another time).


I’ll also say about these that I’m glad that Bryant is out of the way early.  If they decide to do these every year, that’s fine. It brings to mind the 90’s Fleer sets, but just expanded.


But since this was basically the first run of them, I’m happy it was done with just three parallel levels and not the 10 it will inevitably become.  I hope to find quite a few of the parallels in dollar bins at the National, but if anyone wants to trade more of these to me, I would be grateful.

Thank you very much Matt for taking the time to pick out some stuff and make a deal with me.  I hope everyone checks out the blog and continues to help you with your time travel trade project, among others!

December 2018 Ebay Wins

How in the world did I end up buying so many cards on ebay with holiday gift giving front and center?  Simple: I’m a selfish guy, and I like to shop for myself.  These past few months have been not so great overall, which I’ve talked about to some degree on here and in sporadic tweets, so cardboard therapy doesn’t hurt.  Plus, almost everything I get is under $5 shipped so I still have money left over for family…if I have to….

He’s mad he’s not in more sets

Mike Montgomery doesn’t show up on the blog all that much, because he doesn’t show up in cardboard that much.  Once a hot prospect, he’s gone without cards in 2013, had one minor league issue in 2015, one Topps Now card in 2016, and only appeared in Heritage in 2017.  After this Vintage Stock pick up, I need 7 more 2018 Mike cards, all parallels.

I think he’s happy

Another Vintage Stock. That was a fun home run derby.  I definitely didn’t think either Cub had a chance and Schwarber pulled off a great come from behind round to make it into the finals – I think this is from the walk-off for that round. Harper did the same comeback thing to Kyle, though, to steal away the championship.

Need more black parallels

Almora also doesn’t have a lot of cards, but it’s hard to squeeze him in on a team with so many popular players.  Hopefully that means his cards will stay cheaper while he puts up better numbers in 2019.

Splitting the gold sea

In all the years they’ve been releasing Chrome Update Mega Boxes, I have avoided them all.  I’ve also avoided Chrome packs for the most part. I know odds are long I’m going to get anything, and when you can get the gold refractors for $1 +s/h like this, it makes it easier to stay away.

Well, spangle my star

This is my first Independence Day parallel. I guess a lot of people are interested in these. They do look cool from a design perspective, but I wish they were a little flashier or used shinier red and/or blue ink to make it sparkle or glitter.

Baez could not pull off braids

I don’t like the 2018 Donruss design, but I’m okay with it in Optic form for some reason. I hate the endless parallels (this is Carolina Blue /50).

Maps ready for adventure

Museum cards are nice, but I wonder how much longer some of these high-end sets will offer a base set. No one wants these except me, it seems.

A lot of good shots in Big League

There’s not as much supply for Big League parallels as there was for Bunt, but I’m still slowly picking them off.

Even Bryant can’t manage more than $1

It didn’t scan well, but this is the Orbit Diffractors Black version. You can see the little orbits in the nameplate. Tek is getting to the point in the reboot where basically everything is “rare.” I need 23 more Tek cards for Bryant, including possibly 8 autographs (don’t have print runs on some of those, so the number may be less) and of those 23, 10 are #/50 or #/99.

Airbrushing away the throwback Braves logos

It’s been a while since I’ve won a Maddux relic. I don’t actively seek them out. This showed up on a different keyword for him and through the minimum down as a “what the hell” bid.  After getting it, I learned there are 2 versions of these. The other says “Greg Maddux” for the name instead of his Donruss-given full name.

A long time coming

The biggest win of the month goes to this Carlos Marmol relic.  Topps 206 was released in 2010. I have not seen this card go up for sale in that whole time.  So, I paid a little bit more for it at $5 plus shipping as a BIN, but I wanted to make sure I got it.  I’m patient, but also know when to slightly expand my budget when necessary.  If it was over $10 total, I probably would have avoided it.  Still, it’s great to have this one. I’m missing the Polar Bear relic, which I also have not seen (but is supposed to be more common).  That and the 2008 regular All-Star Stitches are the last two relics I need for my Marmol collection.  Maybe in 2019?

The Cycle Continues

I just took some time off from blogging to update my 30+ player collection want lists.  With so many products coming out from Topps, Panini and random other stuff from Leaf and possibly others (ITG, Baseball Treasures, ???), it has become completely untenable to stay up to date and add new sets as they arrive.

It wasn’t hard to keep up when I was collecting the original 6, but as soon as the 2016 Cubs were added, it quickly became evident that I had to change things up.  My solution was to only add the cards I acquired for the current year and put that lovely bold disclaimer on my want list page saying ask if you want to be extra sure.  Then, after the year finished, I would go back and fill in the gaps for everything I needed that was released during that year. It’s a pain, but faster overall to do it in a big chunk of time instead of dozens of smaller chunks of time. I hope.

Adding all the 2018 cards took basically a full week, and I got it finished just in time to start the cycle again for 2019.

Dexter Fowler is on the front of this

Topps Series 1 starts off the new collecting season in just about a week or two. I’m not sure of the exact date. I’m still debating whether I should pick up one or two blasters or if I should just try to trade off the stuff I have to get my 2019s. I’m in the minority of people that thinks the design is not good.  I’ll have plenty of opportunities to buy 2019 cards, too.

Weird to see him in red

Plenty of cards to add to my want lists in a year like truck loads of minis that I would love to see vanish from packs altogether, or at least scale back in terms of number of parallels.

Love the blue on blue

Another year of Big League is coming and I’m sure I’ll be trying for that master set once again.  I just saw that the new sticker album looks promising.  I’m hoping that this year I can be a little more current and timely if and when I do buy new stuff.

Parallels of parallels

Another year of terrible, useless variations like the hundreds they cram into Donruss. Also another year of hundreds of new cards for long retired players. I added 210 new Frank Thomas cards to my want lists after 2018 for that year.  That needs to slow down, too.

Only need 26 more blues

And hopefully this year will not see anything like this where there was a 30-card set of Kris Bryant cards, complete with 3 more levels of parallels.  I think the card collecting landscape is starting to change, and 2019 might see some of those shifts change how sets are designed and configured. It will be an interesting year, and hopefully I’m ready for the cycle.

Another Cheesy Ginter Trade Slice

It doesn’t feel like two months have passed, but that is just about how much time has elapsed between showing off the first 2018 trade I conducted with Chris of Nachos Grande fame and this second one.

I’m relatively positive that the gap between our two trades being finalized was shorter.  This second transaction was all about 2018 Allen & Ginter.  I opened two boxes, and I don’t know if I can count exactly how many boxes and blasters and packs he opened.  Either way, the end result was that we both still needed A&G stuff from each other.  So, I sent a small stack of inserts for his master set quest and I got…

These are glossier in person

…a good amount of the hot box silver cards.  Neither of my two were the 1-per case hot box, so this is great!

Love this image

I did buy into Tribe Cards’ charity Ginter case break, and that netted me a few of the silvers.

Hit bat doesn’t feel so good

But it was great to knock a few more so fast and so easily. I still might need one or two 2018 Cubs and I know I don’t have the Maddux or Thomas.

Kind of an evil genius type of smile

I don’t fully collect Theo, as I don’t have a checklist for him or anything, but I’m not going to pass them up either.

Based on his 2018 stats, still playing for the Cubs

It wouldn’t be Ginter without minis.  This lovely black border reminds me that I need the Fowler silver as well at some point.  Players switching teams adds a bit of a challenge at times.

Someone needs to wear his glasses

My boxes did yield a Maddux mini A&G back.  It’s not bad to grab the regular one so quickly.  I know it’s going to be a snail’s pace for the other 45 variations.

Thanks a lot for the quick and easy trades.  Hopefully we can do it again sometime in 2019!

Introducing the Albert Almora Collection

This is part nine of a twenty-five part series chronicling my budding collections of the 2016 World Series champion Cubs.  Obviously, I’ve already starting showing off some of those cards, but I wanted to offer a formal introduction to the various players.  With my legacy player collections, I’m still going to attempt to show every single card on the blog, but with these new guys I’m taking a different approach as you’ll see here where I lump cards in one scan, and will probably skip many of the more basic cards I get unless I can get a good theme together.

I know I said last time that the off-season would be a great opportunity to catch up on this series, but never discount the power of laziness.  To put these together, I have to do <spooky voice> liiiggght reeesearrrch. OoooooOOOooo. </sv>  Albert is a good role player who had significant playing time last year. He did a hell of a job in the first half, but his bat went quiet in the later months.  Still, he’s a great glove to have and overall not a bad hitter.  He’s in the shadows of a lot of other names in Chicago, so that means there are only around 500 cards I need to collect so far.

So weird to have cards of high school kids

I started off with only three cards.  I’ve been able to expand that a bit since and am now at 57.

Possible fake backdrop

Almora was drafted by the Cubs out of High School in 2012 in the first round.  The year before, he was named the USA Baseball’s player of the year.  The Cubs called him up during the 2016 season to replace an injured Jorge Soler.

Representing the Cubby Blue

He played in 47 regular season games and recorded a .277 average with 3 homers, 1 triple and 9 doubles.  That was good enough to get him on the post-season roster.

Didn’t do a lot of this in the playoffs

Almora played in 9 total playoff games, but mostly off the bench. 11 total plate appearances netted zero hits and two strikeouts.  His most important role, however was in game 7 of the World Series.   Albert came in as a pinch-runner for Kyle Schwarber who singled to start the 10th inning.  A couple batters later, he scored the go-ahead run on Ben Zobrist’s double.

Hoping he has some Cubs longevity

It seems to me like he has increased his confidence in the following two years.  In terms of collecting, I don’t think that confidence will translate to many more cards.  Unless he really breaks out and becomes an All-Star, or gets traded to a different team, several other Cubs will be featured in all those inserts and smaller sets.  That will give me plenty of opportunity to catch up on those early Bowman years.

Some Stuff From Boxes I’ve Bought In The Past

Sometimes I have grand ideas for my time.  Well, maybe “grand” is the wrong word.  I have ideas for how I want to spend my time and what I would do with the blog.  Most of them really don’t ever pan out.

I don’t want to say I’m lazy, but the best way to keep content flowing is to put together my posts in a specific way and avoid typing out a whole bunch of words no one will ever read, or pulling cards out for players I don’t collect, scan and crop and upload them just to fit a theme or idea or whatever.  The other part of the equation is that I might have a loose concept, but I can never really tie things together the way I want, or I’m not as clever as I once felt I was.  In the earlier days of the blog, I felt like I had an easier time writing funny content and adding more personality.  These days, that’s a lot harder and I don’t know why.  What that means is that I put down whatever I can in order to get a post out the door regardless of whether I’m actually happy with it.

It’s not a great way to go about things, I know.  I also know that most people don’t really read this blog anymore.  Maybe the two are connected.  But, since no one reads this thing, I decided to approach it as if I’m just writing for myself. The end goal at this point is to show off all the cards from my player collections.  The amount I have yet to feature is staggering and I foolishly keep acquiring more, and doing it faster than I can push them back out.

So, I don’t have time to do some of the things I kinda want to do, but I also am under the impression that people will not actually care if I do them or not.

2015 Update jumbo box

One of those things that I keep thinking about is doing box reviews again.  If I were to do anything, it would be that.  I still enjoy opening boxes immensely and I loved doing the video reviews with Andy and taking turns doing the written form.

The horizontal cards from that box

But that took forever. And obviously Andy is long gone from the collecting world, and I’m not equipped to do videos on my own (both in terms of worthwhile equipment and in terms of editing skills and in terms of time to devote to putting them together).  The written part is fun, but again it would take a long time, and wouldn’t show up until months or years after the product was released and so everyone would have an opinion on it already. If I’m not timely, I have to be clever or witty for it to be worthwhile, and I don’t know if I could do that anymore.

Scanned way back before the abuse stuff was first made public

I don’t know.  So, I’ll ask anyone that might actually be reading this a couple questions.  First, if you are reading this at all, leave a comment so I know – even if it’s days later, that helps too.  My analytics are turned off because it broke the blog last time I tried turning them back on, so I’m flying completely blind.

The Cubs from my 2 boxes of Ginter a couple years back

Second, if you would want to see me do reviews again, even drastically delayed ones, would you want to see that?  I imagine it would be in the same format as the old ones (examples found in this link), but likely no video.  Maybe an unedited, faceless box-breaker style video with bad lighting, if anything.

Not living set – 2016 Archives

Would you want to see videos, even if it’s largely uncut or maybe doesn’t show my face on camera at all?  I’m not sure what it would be (maybe impromptu review while opening boxes or packs).  Would you want to see a twitch/youtube stream of me bindering my collection or doing sorting? A video with trade bait instead of the lists (although I like being able to update the lists)?

All from a blaster or two of Heritage

Should I get more personal in the blog? This is a little personal, but I could go farther.  I’ve been toying with the idea of posting poetry or short stories on here, but the tough part is tying it back to cards (or doing it in a way that isn’t distracting from any serious writing or flow).  Also I would like to talk about my travels, but again I don’t know how to tie it to cards without possibly going outside of my collections and that doesn’t fall into the main goal of showing all my collection cards.

I did well on Cubs inserts in my blaster of 2017 S1

Okay, well that’s not exactly how I expected this post to go at all.  I guess basically I’m asking if you’d want to see me try to do things a little differently.  Maybe if I know there’s an audience that is curious, it might get the creative juices flowing or force me to make more of an effort.  I don’t know.  I guess we’ll see what comes from this unassuming blog post title, if anything.  Maybe the blog is primed for a reboot of sorts in 2019.

Easy To Remember Sticker Trade

This may end up being my last post of the year – it’s tough to find the time to write with all this holiday stuff going on.  There’s also a small chance this is my last post ever.  WordPress desperately wants to update my blog, and I’m sure it’s way past due.  The problem is that every time I try to update, something breaks.  Earlier this year, it broke for a while and I needed Andy (who doesn’t write, but does control the domain) to get things fixed for me so I could log in and post.

I don’t know if I care enough to do that again.  There’s a part of me that is thinking about stopping the blog and transitioning to the trading card database site and twitter.  I don’t have time to maintain this blog and a tradingcarddb profile & want/trade lists.

Even if I do leave this space, I’m still going to collect and I still want to interact.  Maybe moving to those spaces would be a better move and I should have done that a while ago.  For now, I’m a stubborn mule and I’m trying to drum up trades and what not through this tired old jalopy of a blog.

Every once in a while, it works out.  A couple months ago, I had a good amount of traction and trades.  One of those trade requests came from Marc over at Remember the Astrodome. He enticed me by dangling some stickers in front of my virtual face and I jumped out reaching pretty dang quick.  Okay, I don’t do anything quick, but I jumped and sent him a stack of World Series Champion Astros in exchange for stickers and some World Series Champion Cubs.  Feels good to say all of that.

Look at that glorious pile that is now peeled backs in the recycling

I love sticker trades.  I love getting older sticker album stickers.  It makes me think that those crazy things are actually going to be completed some day.  It’s such a great feeling filling in new team packages and deleting numbers off my want list (shameless link).

Doesn’t have the same oomph as some other rookie card photos

It wasn’t all tiny stickers in the envelope. I also got a few of those normal sized cards I’ve heard the kids talk about, like this Schwarber Rookie Card/Rookie Cup.  Let’s add a couple more icons on there while we’re at it.

Hooray! Baseball!

Here’s hoping Bryant will make the All-Star game again next year, and that it will be merited.  I don’t care if Myers makes it.

Would love to see a stronger year from him

I feel like I’ve shown this card recently on the blog, but I’m probably just remembering adding the scan to this draft.  Funny how the mind works and fails us sometimes.

He does a lot of good off the field

I’ve barely made myself familiar with Chronicles, but it seems like an intriguing set.  The downside is cost, so I’m thankful that people like Marc can share their run-offs with me.

We’ll never know how limited

What’s most intriguing are the inserts that take the form of fake sets that will never come to pass.  I don’t know why some of these couldn’t have taken the place of products that people aren’t wild about, but it’s still fun.

Deacon of Dingers

This card came my way before I formally announced that I’m collecting the the Big League Master Set.  I’m still in need of another copy of this for that project.  I still wish these had red and/or blue foil instead of this eye sore combo of ink.

Thank you very much, Marc for the great trade!  Hopefully we get to do it again someday. On this site or another.

November 2018 Ebay Wins

Happy Holidays everybody.  It’s that time of year where giving is more important than receiving and money is spent on other people in the great name of CONSUMERISM rather than on yourself in the great name of CONSUMERISM.  Grow that economy. Spend, spend, spend.

I’m doing my part.  Uncle Sam needs you.

My brain is fried, if you can’t tell. Or…maybe it’s finally working properly.  Here’s some cards I purchased with my all-mighty dollars!

Parallel uniforms

Parallels. Parallels. You gotta get all the parallels.  Red. Blue. Black. Aquamarine. Tamarind. Scratch ‘N’ Sniff Level N7.

Purple super nova

Shoot for the stars. Set your money on Topps Fire!

Expect fewer Schwarber cards next year, I think

Magma Green Diffractor Green Parallel.  That’s not a joke. That’s what it’s actually called.

Probably will have a drop in Almoras, too

I can’t imagine anyone is ready to start the 2019 card collecting cycle all over again.  Not that the 2018 cycle is done, though.  Not looking forward to spending hours and days updating the checklists with all the missing 2018 cards.

Contreras will rise

Small break in cynicism to say that I really like this card and the black parallels are hard to come by this year, so I’m happy about this one.

Every shade of blue

Twenty cards for all the relievers.  Need them all. Need them all.  Consume, consume, consume.

Blaster master

Manupatches!  They aren’t even reeeeaaaalllll!  People don’t care about things that aren’t reeeeaaaallllll!  Manufactured scam-arcity for all the sheep.

Unsung hero

Sticker autos. Pssshhh…Why even bother….

Alright, that’s enough for now, because I don’t talk about Bulls stuff much.  I want all the Past & Present Bulls autos. I’ve slowly picked up several, but this is the first from the second year of the product.  Will Perdue was a huge joke in our neighborhood, but with some admiration.  Before yelling “Kobe” on your shots was a thing, me and my neighbors would yell “Perdue!”  Roy and Lisa would be thrilled with this auto pick up.

The Optics Of Group Breaks

I’ve inadvertently started a tour of various modes of cardboard acquisition this week.  I started with some Twitter purchases (just claimed another card tonight – somebody stop me!), then I went with the tried and true trading, and now we’ll jump on over to the not for everyone Group Break.

I’ve joined a few more since starting the champ collections, but with trades and free agency, it’s already tougher to justify buying into the Cubs.  Fewer guys are with the team, and I don’t care about newer guys like Happ who are inundating the checklists.  Makes it tough to buy in, but I still manage.

We’ll look at a few hauls today.  First up is a 2016 Optic break from Colbey/Flywheels from Cardboard Collections.  He bought a couple of retail boxes that have special purple prizm cards in there, and I wanted in on that action.

I’d rather have a healthy Soler over Happ, but I’m sure I’m in the minority

It didn’t hurt that I still needed a few of the base cards, too.  I have a few of these parallels, including a red Heyward DK #/99 that I got in one of my personal boxes.

Evidently not for trade in the Winter Meetings

There are also several insert sets in the product, and I lucked into a couple of them.  Seems like forever ago that Kyle was a rookie.

Hopefully his MVP season wasn’t an illusion

These Illusion cards are nice, but they look better with the prizm parallels.  This is like a Lite Bright without any color pegs.

That’s a dark purple

My only purple parallel in the batch was a Soler, which I needed. I got two of them, though. The boxes were full of purple doubles, so if you need one I can spare one.

Not a bad start, and I actually ended up getting this whole group break haul in a trade for a Game Boy game.  I sent Colbey a duplicate original Game Boy game (I’m going for the full set of those – almost half way there) and he waved my purchase price.  Pretty cool!

I will gladly trade cards for Game Boy games if anyone wants to help that quest. I have a lot of the common ones, though, but feel free to reach out if you want.

Not a rookie anymore

Next up is another Optic break. This time from Crackin’ Wax.  It was a buy one, get two random teams break.  I think it was a half-case, but I’m not sure anymore. I picked the Cubs, of course, and walked away with only three I needed, but two of them were the holo prizms.

That’s a nice surprise

My random teams were the Royals and the Orioles.  I got more than this, but these are the highlights.  The Orioles were very kind to me with the Hays blue and of course the Brooks Robinson blue Auto, which happens to be #’d to 20.  I’m open to trading or selling it, if anyone’s interested.

I kind of want us to trade Happ. I think he’s going to regress more.

Jumping back over to Flywheels for break #3.  This was a charity break, and I knew going in that I didn’t need much of anything from it, but I wanted to help the cause.  So, really, only that Lester Prizm was new for me, but it was a fun mix of stuff.

Saves me from buying packs

I have more, but for today, the last break is going to be another Crackin’ Wax special.  A couple boxes of Fire where I got the D-Backs as my random team.  Once again, the random team got the special stuff. I got a possible full team set of Cubs, and got a couple neat inserts and parallels from Arizona (all for trade, of course).

The product has to be right for me to join a group break and I think I’ve done a good job at picking my spots.  They don’t always hit big, but they support people I like and respect and it’s always a blast to see what everyone takes home.  Don’t expect these to be my last group breaks, even if the goods from the Cubs get thinned out.

Thanks a lot, guys for running these breaks so well!

No Purchase Necessary

In my previous post, I talked about some of the different ways one can go about purchasing cards as part of my trademark lazy openings (psst, you’re reading another one right now).  Buying stuff is all well and good, but have you tried this thing called barter?

I’ve dabbled here and there.  Over the past twelve months, there has been one barter partner that has sent me a bunch of different card packages in exchange for cards that I didn’t even want at all!  The best part is that there’s no purchase necessary.  How crazy is that?

I guess it’s not completely true that there’s no purchase necessary.  You need to buy postage, and most likely need to buy packs to acquire the stuff you trade, but you get the idea. Play along.

Anyway, Kerry/Madding from Cards on Cards is that bartering person.  He’s sent me so much stuff, that I’m actually just now finishing a trade package from 2017.  I doubt I’ll ever get caught up, but it’s better to have too many cards to post than being completely up to date.  Maybe.  The only way I’ll figure it out is if I can actually stop acquiring cards long enough to find out.

Not a bad last set for Fleer

I’ll start with one of Miguel Montero’s many rookies.  People must have thought he was going to be huge, because he was plastered across a bunch of sets. All together, they account for about 100 cards for me to collect.

Not fearing the beard

I feel stupid for not remembering who said it, but someone on Twitter was saying that basically 1 in 10 players are chosen for an All-Star game, and the odds increase if you make it past the rookie year.  Kinda puts a shadow on this card, doesn’t it?

Not sent by Play At the Plate

Oh, I didn’t notice this before, but I think that’s Dexter Fowler in there.  Not bad. Two future teammates and future,  now current, collections converge.

So, the D-backs are revamping a lot, aren’t they?

I now have over 100 different Montero cards. It’s already getting to the point where I need to focus a lot more attention on the parallels and insert game.

He did hit that grand slam, though

I was excited about Montero’s offense when he came over, but that side started to evaporate like the cloud near the 2016 logos.

I should start trying to find these Bunt parallels now too

Zobrist surprised me with his consistency.  I’m still confused about the logic behind dumping Starlin and getting him, but I’ll talk about that some other time.

That’s his mad pitch face

If you thought Montero was heavily touted, then you should also see what they did with Carl.  Don’t prospect pitchers, boys and girls.  Wait a bit for the buzz to die down and then get them on the cheap, or through trades.  Trades. We’re talking about not purchasing here.  Stay on topic.

That’s a loose, floppy top

I have a hell of a time telling the Donruss reboot stuff apart.  2018 is easy, because it’s a different kind of ugly, not a tribute to the past type ugly.

I don’t even get this channel to watch him analyze to know if he’s any good, or if he’s still on

Lastly, for now, is the first Ryan Dempster card produced in three years.  He also had an autograph, but I’m not going after that since it’s numbered to 10.  I didn’t get this in the 2017 packs I bought, and I secretly wondered who would be the person to send it to me first.  Now we have our answer!  No purchase necessary!

Thanks as always, Kerry!  Until the next round of playing catch up.