A Trade Four Years in the Making (Sort of)

Trade bait posts are a wonderful thing.  Most of the time, they’ll get a response within the first week if they’re going to get any traction at all.

However, those posts stay active.  They still exist.  Even now.  And on rare occasion, people will find those posts and inquire about trading for some of those cards.

That’s where reader Scott comes in.  He saw my old post about random autos/relics, etc from early 2013 and asked if I still had some of those items.  I did indeed have them, and away we went.

I can’t guarantee that all of my older trade bait lists are 100% accurate anymore, but as Scott can attest, it never hurts to ask.  Let’s see what came my way!


Art cards can be so hit and miss.  This one is a hit.  Great choice of reference picture.  Cool detail on the helmet and in the lighting overall.

Choosy collector’s choose mostly other stuff

Man, I wish this card had a bunch of floating bread pieces in the background.  Wouldn’t that be cool?  Okay, it wouldn’t, but it would be memorable.

Get this confused with the Topps Hands of Gold or whatever it’s called.

There was a time when Ultra was giving the Gold Medallion treatment to the inserts as well.  But, as you can see here, they did so by modifying the logo instead of going full gold.  It’s nice, but tough to notice if you don’t know what to look for.

I’m sure this was an epic all-star moment

I’m quite happy to get this Epix card.  I’m really not familiar with how these were distributed, but I do know that there are several different colors and parallels with varying rarity.


Heroes, I do know a little about, and again a lot of colors and parallels and boxes are expensive as hell.  This is one of the more common variations, but they’re still hard to come by.

Need more Tek!

Lastly, we have the Pipes card.  I didn’t get to name this.  It has a pretty commonly accepted naming convention and this is considered to be the Pipes pattern.  It’s more circuit board like to me, but the people have spoken.  This is awesome, because I love Tek and I landed no Maddux cards in the couple boxes I’ve opened.

Thank you so much, Scott, for the great trade!  Hopefully we can do it again sometime.

Upper Deck Then

In my last post, I talked about the Topps Now program.  But forget that! Let’s look at one of the original “daily” sets – UD Documentary.


Gold win-loss for this post: 1-0

I’ve actually opened up a case of Documentary.



Why, you may ask?  Well, the boxes were pretty cheap.



And I needed a lot of Maddux and Thomas and Wood cards, etc.



There’s also an outside chance for some good autos like Griffey Jr. and Kershaw (didn’t happen).



So, here are all of the one-per-pack gold parallels.  This is the going to be the toughest part of the journey.



Anyway, if you need any Documentary cards, please let me know….I have a ton left.


4-3.  Just barely pulled out the win.

What do you say, team collectors?  No need to wait for each day to come through and pay $10 per card like Topps Now.  You can have a bunch of cards for a simple trade.

Time Sensitive Releases and the Future of Collecting – One Year Later

Remember this post?  Probably not, but now that a year plus have passed and people are more accustomed to Topps Now, I wanted to revisit the topic.

Originally, I said that the print-to-order, online exclusive, 24 hour (sometimes a week) purchase window cards scared me.  Now, I mostly see it as a nuisance.  Let’s go over a couple of my original points here.

Engagement – What’s interesting is that the engagement still seems pretty high on the social media front.  Sure, #ToppsNow has become something of a sarcastic meme, but it’s still getting talked about regularly.  However, I don’t see these cards getting the mass media attention that a few of the cards did.  That luster has worn off.

I also expressed concern about having to check twitter or email every day in fear of missing out on cards of players I collect [at the time, I didn’t collect current players, but that has since changed after the 2016 championship, as seen below (spoilers)].  The program is predictable enough that you know what players or moments are going to be featured on a card ahead of time, if you’re paying attention to the games.  There is still the very unfortunate issue of the autos and relics that are limited and sell out right away.  That still requires a constant refresh and for you to be able to ignore your work to try, and that alienates people and encourages attempted scalpers.

Price – Enough time has passed that I imagine my concerns about people buying the cards, despite not really having the means, are unfounded now.  The price hasn’t dropped, but I hope that they’ve all realized that ebay is their friend.  The bulk sellers reduce the price and many are willing to liquidate even lower after a certain amount of time, so it’s not hard to get them for less than $10 if you want.

Of course, this also seems to be reducing the print runs for the 2017 cards quite a bit, and so we might start to see a bit of a cyclical thing happening where prices raise enough to entice new buyers which will increase print runs and lower prices and the waves ebb and flow a bit.

Colon – Bartolo’s home run card was the poster child for the program and it was going for high dollars for a bit.  How is it doing now?  Well, sales seem to be as high as $25 now, but I also see recent sales at around the $10 mark.  Other Bartolo cards are available for as low as $2 plus shipping.

What’s next? – Where does Topps go from here?  They’ve made some small improvements to the program.  There’s a points system for frequent buyers, although that mostly helps the people that buy everything to flip.  I still think they could do more.  One comment on my first post suggested the idea of a subscription service or push notifications to your phone.  I think that would really be a huge benefit.  Imagine signing up for a team and getting notice sent to you that there’s a new card that day.  It would hopefully increase sales and give Topps an idea as to how many fans of each team are registered to gauge demand.

I’d also like to see more contingent incentives come into play, because that’s part of what got me to buy my first Topps Now cards.

That’s a lot of happy faces

Yes, I took the plunge.  After game 7 last year, Topps offered a set of cards commemorating the win.  The price point was a lower per card average than I was used to seeing and since I vowed to collect the players from that winning team, it seemed appropriate to make this my first acquisition.

Scanned to be cropped, but left without

Here’s a few more from the set.  Topps offered two versions.  There was a regular set and then a set with an auto.  Knowing how highly priced the autos can get from Topps Now, at least for the time being, it seemed like a good preemptive strike on that front too.  So, for less than $10 per card, I got the set and an auto, which could have been one of 4 players, and the potential for low numbered parallels.  Not bad.

And to you, too, Topps

Before we get to the auto, however, I want to mention another one of the nice program perks.  Free cards occasionally pop up.  That’s a really nice, unnecessary gesture.  I will say, going back to the price discussion, that this particular card is the cheapest one I’ve seen in person at $3.00.  At this year’s National, I saw a different Topps Now card at $4.00.  Maybe by the next Chicago National in 2019 I’ll see them in the dollar bin as predicted.


Here’s the autograph.  This card can still fetch close to $100.  That’s a price I would never pay in the open market.  That means that if I were to sell it, my set would virtually pay for itself.  I’ll be honest, I considered buying multiple sets and flipping the extra sets in hopes of getting different autos, but I didn’t have the cash at the time anyway.

To wrap this up, I’ll say that I’m surprised at how quickly these cards became a pretty normal part of the collecting landscape.  I’m also surprised at the quality of the cards.  These are nice, sturdy cards that look great.  I’m happy I decided to get these, although I still can’t imagine getting any singles or the weekly sets at their current prices.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t bought more Topps Now cards since, but I’ll save that for another day.  My time is too sensitive to write about that right now.

Maddux Overload – 1999 Edition


The Denver Broncos repeat as NFL champions, taking out the Atlanta Falcons.

The San Antonio Spurs take advantage of a Jordan-less NBA and deny the New York Knicks a championship.  On the WNBA side, the Houston Comets continue to dominate with their third straight title (also over New York).

Michael Johnson set a new world record in the 400 meters.

The world of golf saw Payne Stewart winning the U.S. Open before tragically dying in a plane accident later that year.

The Dallas Stars top the Buffalo Sabres to win the Stanley Cup.

The Yankees win another World Series title, this time over the Braves.  They swept Atlanta, but at least Chipper Jones won NL MVP.

And in 1999, card manufacturers released 409 cards of Greg Maddux that I deemed worthy of my collecting efforts.

Thanks to the generosity of reader Jeremy, originally mentioned in our landmark 500th post (and in my 1993 Overload post, and 1994 post, and 1995 post, and 1996 post and 1997 post and 1998 post), I now have 40 more of those cards as I did before.

1999 Before Jeremy – 27/409 cards – 7%

1999 After Jeremy – 75/409 cards (including two upgrades) – 18%

1999 is the first year to reduce the number of cards, going down by 250.  Who would have thought we’d see such a huge drop off?  That’s quite alright with me, though.

Since Jeremy’s package, I’ve acquired 24 more 1999 cards, bringing my total to 99 for the year ’99.  Still, as always, there’s plenty of progress yet to be made.  For now, let’s focus on what Jeremy sent.

Devil or angel on the shoulder

As always, we start at the top of the alphabet and work our way down. 1999 wasn’t the first year for Aurora, but this is the first card I have.  There will be a couple challenges in getting the rest with low numbered stuff, but hopefully they look better.

Sides need more wood

I like the wood border look.  Of course, I’m also one of the few that enjoys 1987 Topps (possibly solely due to nostalgia).  Paper Bowman is once again light (only need two more – one is /99).

More like Bowman’s Worst

I do not like this 1950s candy packaging look of Bowman’s Best, though.  Man, is that ugly.  To think that this is going to be reused over and over as a “classic” look.

Forest green doesn’t seem very royal to me

Crown Royale is still cool, though.  This year’s design isn’t that great, and they all blur together, but I can’t stay mad at that die cut.

Illuminati confirmed

Of course, their inserts are still pretty laughable.  Windows ’95 screensavers come to life.

What is the purpose of this?

Geocities meets print shop and shat out a toilet baby card.  Can you tell that I don’t hold Pacific cards in high regard?


Acetate cards, on the other hand, I love.  I wish there was more to this set.  It’s pretty light on inserts and, thankfully, parallels.  There is one tough one to chase, but I can’t say I know what it looks like.

I will not free the Finest

Finest, however, was filled with inserts and parallels.  We’re not quite into rainbow territory yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be tough.

I will never free the Finest

Adding to the challenge is the inclusion of subsets, each with regular and gold refractors.

You can’t make me free the Finest

Sadly, they aren’t even interesting subsets.  If it weren’t for that little text, you’d be hard pressed to tell which is which.

What’s with the middle ages fonts?

In what is possibly Fleer’s answer to Finest, we have something that’s not so brilliant.  I think the colored versions are, but this is pretty standard, unscannable foil.

Don’t like the weird rectangle at the bottom that’s only used for numbered cards

I’ve opened a box of this stuff, and it’s pretty fun.  They have these kind of scratch off like inserts, which is the heart of the Mystique name.

Spooky scan

Stop!  It’s the MLPD!  Do not attempt to re-scan the card.  Step away from the Metal stuff, and put your hands in the air in frustration.

Yeah, you try to knock that logo down!

Oh, good.  More Pacific cards.

Certainly not invisible

These Invincible cards aren’t too bad, but they still suffer from that intangible shoddy quality.

Yup, that expression has me shaking in my boots

Then they go and pull this crap.  Worse than 1991 Fleer in terms of eye sores.

Make it stop

And they thought it was a good idea to make two versions.

I still 7 more cards from this garbage set

I can only assume they call it Omega because this was the last idea they had, but still had to produce a card set.

Cool ray effect

Out of all of the Pacific products, Prism is my favorite.  Shiny cards are more fun than poorly printed pictures.  Besides, the variations look interesting too.  This is the non-variant.

P tcher

Here’s another set that’s not terrible, but also not great.  It’ll look better one year later when this same concept is called Vanguard.

Nice to see the different picture used on top of the stamp

The boxes from Jeremy were full of great surprises, but to get a numbered card is highly unexpected.  Yet, here is the “Exclusive” #/299.  How cool is that?

short pitcher

He also sent along this mini, which forgoes the foil and….shrinks things down.  I don’t know what else to say, really.  There’s also a red mini, I hear.

Bunch of parallels needed

We’ve already seen the Fleer Metal Universe.  Now it’s Skybox’s turn with Molten Metal.  Which was also owned by Fleer, I think.  Both scan terribly.


Holy crap is this a creepy facial expression.  That is not a happy magazine cover.  Not one bit.

Skybox Thunder. More like Skybox Purple

I loved Skybox in the basketball world, but I was done collecting by this time.  Probably for the best, because these seem like a steep drop off of their previous quality.

Pleasantville: the card

I actually have this card autographed as well.  It’s one of those buyback autos with pretty faded ink, but it does look legit.  This one came into my position well before.

Graphic designer took some time off

Sports Illustrated is known for illustrating sports via pictures.  It seems like a perfect fit for a card set.  And then, we end up here.

New versus old

I’d much rather have a card illustrated by crayon or pencils than this.

Matte > Glossy

This is much better. It looks like effort was made.  Although, it also looks very familiar to an earlier Fleer Headlines insert from a couple years back.

Safe or out?  Who cares?

Now, this is how you illustrate sports!  I imagine this slide might be considered illegal by now.  But still makes for a cool card.

Card isn’t miscut, my scanner lopped it off

Now we’re entering Topps territory.  Thanks for sticking with me so far, if you have.  Pretty bland as designs go, with the gold border being the only minor saving grace.

Super common to find these

Some of the inserts were cool, though.  This is the Chrome version of the serrated knife die cut.

I should have started a doofy face counter

Topps Stars was a fun set as well with it’s silver glittery thing.  I opened a box of this for a group break I did.

Slowly closing in

No, it’s not the same card.  That little star in the bottom right means the picture is pushed in ever so slightly.  The two, three, and four stars zoom in even more obviously.

Steel of a Deel

Here’s a set that doesn’t need a come back, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened.  I mean, metal cards?  Who doesn’t want metal cards?  It’s a neat oddball, at least.

Time for Name the Tek Pattern

Pattern #27A – Career Games Played

The triumphant return of the Tek naming game is immediately deflated by having a card that names itself.

One of my favorite brands winding down

I’m so used to seeing the preview cards, that the actual set feels like a rarity.

Tough to pitch with a name on your leg

The way Stadium Club has been borrowing from Ultra and Fleer lately, don’t be surprised if this shows up as 2018 SC.

Foil stamps on base cards like this ASG one confuse me

By the way, that Topps run was pretty short. We’re already in the home stretch with Upper Deck cards.  Another lackluster design where the border feels like it’s taking up more space than it actually is.

Makes me think its a parallel like this kinda is

Well, if you didn’t like it the first time, how about an Encore?  The extra shine actually does help.  Now it’s bright and roomy.

Not very holo to me

I don’t understand the point of this card set.  If there were holograms or worth while graphics, then sure.  But this is what they consider to be worthy of an insert.


There is just too much going on here to even begin commenting on.

Leaving in stitches

Alright, here is a good one.  Texture is here to save the day.  Texture makes most cards better.  Too bad it’s not used more frequently.

Need the Double and Triple

Upper Deck missed an opportunity by not printing out textbook covers like this.  My school mandated we use some sort of paper cover.  Get those kids young.

I remember those days, kinda.

Man, 1999 was a pretty rough year for cards overall (at least based on my comments).  Time was not kind to these.  Well, when I get around to 2000, we’ll see if the tide turns back.

2017 Cubs – The Eighth 10 Games

Anyone ready for the NLCS tonight?  Probably no one.  I don’t know anyone that pays attention to baseball, after all.

Who can talk about the playoffs when we still need to talk about the games that got us there.  So , basically at the half-way point of the season and the Cubs kept bouncing back and forth.  The last 10 gave us 6 wins.  These 10 give us 4 more wins.  Overall, the record after 80 games was 40-40.  Boy, will this team turn it around?  I can’t imagine anyone knows the answer.  It’s not like there’s been 70 more games since then.

In all honestly, it is exciting that our playoff fate is not yet sealed, despite being so far behind on these posts.  I don’t know if I’ll finish up the whole season at this point, but maybe a couple more at least.

Also got his first hit of the year

Strikeout #3
April 7, 1992 – Chicago Cubs at Philadelphia Phillies

First game of the season!  All kinds of fun, new excitement and possibilities.  Maddux might even throw 199 strikeouts and win the NL Cy Young award.  Hey, it could happen!  Anyway, for this third strikeout of the year, Greg and the Cubs were down 3-2 in the fourth.  Luckily, he escaped the inning with no further damage by taking down Terry Mulholland.

To continue the thought from the captions last time…

Strikeout #8
April 20, 1992 – Philadelphia Phillies at Chicago Cubs

How are you supposed to win the Cy Young if you don’t strike anyone out in the second game?  So, moving on to the third game for the second strikeout and he decided to make up for lost time.  It was a 1-2-3 inning full of Ks.  Mariano Duncan was the victim for this card, looking at the 6th pitch of the AB.

If the Cubs keep losing so many games, I may not run out of Cubs M&M cards

Strikeout #9
April 20, 1992 – Philadelphia Phillies at Chicago Cubs

And to end the 1st inning, after Duncan, Dave Hollins saw 7 other pitches, before watching the 8th one fly past him.

I like it for making these posts quicker to put together, at least

Strikeout #13
April 20, 1992 – Philadelphia Phillies at Chicago Cubs

Moving on to the top of the 5th of the same game.  By this time, Greg Maddux has also hit a home run.  And Gary Scott hit a grand slam so the Cubs have a healthy lead.  So, for his seventh strikeout Wes Chamberlain takes only three pitches to go down.

That June 2017 Ebay Frank Thomas Lot

I teased this before in my June ebay rundown, but I happened to stumble across a nice Frank Thomas lot in one of my random, non-saved searches.  It was one of those unique situations where the seller wasn’t very experienced and the title and description was very vague.  The title was “1990 Frank Thomas Leaf autograph rookie lot” which didn’t really tell the whole story.

Anyway, I think I got a decent price on it all, considering what was in it.  Let’s take a look, shall we.

2 time MVP

So, to start, not all of the cards were from 1990.  Here’s a 1994 Traded Finest.  I don’t know if the colors just washed out from time, or if they were printed poorly from the outset.

He’s on the “Hot List” according to the hard to see foil

I don’t know how this person formed their collection, but these random cards don’t fit the rest of the lot.  Nice to have since I didn’t before, though.

Not legal tender

Here’s the last random before we get into what was expected.  A Pinnacle Mint card that has the punchout big enough for the coin that’s already embedded.  Bronze coin, in case you were wondering, but you probably assumed.

Sky’s the limit

Okay, now we get into the rookies.  There were a couple others that I already had and posted, such as the Score Traded and Topps RCs, but this Bowman was new.

I’m not the only one bothered by the hair on his hat

How about a Fleer Update rookie as well?  Not as prestigious as some of the others, but still necessary, and still a rookie card I wanted.

Looks like the black and white version, but it’s not. Just muted colors

That autograph had to come up sometime.  I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned more prominently, or even sold separately.  I think I won the lot for less than what this card 2014 Tek auto typically goes for.  And yet, there was still one more card.

Love that old Sox logo

If you were paying attention, you’d know that this was coming.  I finally have a 1990 Leaf rookie card of my own.  I had started to scout this one a little bit and it’s not a super cheap card. It’s not terribly expensive, but not cheap.  Anyway, this is a super sharp card.  I wasn’t expecting it to be in such good condition, to be honest.  I thought I’d get a good auto and a placeholder for the second most sought after RC.  Nope, this is pristine, and a result of pure luck.

Collecting is fun.

2017 Cubs – The Seventh 10 Games

Why, sure.  I’ll keep this series going, even though I’m not even halfway through the season with it.  I have no idea what was really going on with the team back then anymore, but I do remember we were struggling stay above .500.  This was one of the better stretches with a whopping 6 wins out of 10.  That means more M&M cards to get out of the queue.

I wonder what I should do if/when I run out of these

Strikeout #145
August 21, 1992 – Chicago Cubs at Los Angeles Dodgers

The second strikeout of the game was against Dave Hansen in the bottom of the second.  After a 9 pitch AB to start the inning, which resulted in a flyout, Dave coaxed 6 more pitches out of Greg before swinging at the air.

I have plenty of Braves Maddux cards

Strikeout #147
August 21, 1992 – Chicago Cubs at Los Angeles Dodgers

Maddux wouldn’t notch his fourth K of the game until the bottom of the 8th.  The Cubs were up 2-0 to start the frame, but the Dodgers battled back and scored 1.  Dave Hansen had the bases loaded with two outs, but once again fell swinging, but this time with only 4 pitches.  The Cubs would win in 12 innings, despite a pinch hit single from Orel Hershiser.

But this is to talk about Cubs wins

Strikeout #151
August 26, 1992 – Chicago Cubs at San Diego Padres

Maddux only managed three strikeouts over 6 innings, but saved two of them for that final inning.  This card represents the third, where he got Craig Shipley to swing and miss to end the inning and Greg’s day in an eventual Cubs loss.

Tough call as I don’t know how to wedge those cards into posts

Strikeout #166
September 11, 1992 – Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals

In contrast, this game saw him pitch 8 innings and added 9 K’s to his total for the year.  He also drove in two runs with 2 hits in a blowout against the Cardinals.  The Cubs were only up 2-0 by the time this third strikeout came about.  Rod Brewer would strand two runners when he swung at nothing to end the threat.

Maybe I’ll do a loss counter next year for those

Strikeout #167
September 11, 1992 – Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals

The 4th inning = 4th strikeout after the Cubs tacked on 2 more runs.  Ozzie Canseco doubled to start things off, but he would stay there as Geronimo Pena would watch the ball hit the glove behind him and take a seat back on the bench.

Stay tuned and find out, I guess

Strikeout #175
September 16, 1992 – Philadelphia Phillies at Chicago Cubs

In his next start, Greg only needed 6 innings to tally 9 strikeouts.  The third of the day came to end the second.  It was a very efficient inning, only needing 9 total pitches, 3 of which were used to get Juan Bell looking.

A Big Trade with Mini Collector Bill – Part 1

I’ve been holding off on posting some of my more recent trades here, but it’s really time I changed that.  The main reason I did is that was the National.  I put together some trade bait posts that attracted minimal attention, but at some point I had to lock down my want lists before the big show.  Then I had to organize and update my want lists after that show  That’s a long process.  And I didn’t want to put trade posts up to act as solicitation of more trades when I wasn’t ready.

Now I think I’m just about there.  My ability to trade is more based on the amount of time my work gives me versus how up to date my lists are.

Anyway, before my spending spree, I posted a few Gypsy Queen posts and heard from reader Bill.  He doesn’t have a blog, but some of you may have experience trading with him already.  He’s known as minibbcards on the Trading Card Database and his want lists are fantastic (and found here).

If you couldn’t guess from the username, the man loves his mini cards.  That’s a perfect fit, because I don’t understand the things and find them to be an annoyance if they don’t fit into my player collections.  So, after some back and forth, we worked out a big trade where I sent a bunch of mini stuff his way and he sent mostly normal sized stuff back, including a great start to many of my new 2016 Cubs players collections.  I can’t fit everything into one post, but here’s a few to start us off.

Could be one of his few home runs, but probably just a foul ball.

Starting with the old before we get to the new.  I really enjoy getting these junk wax era cards in the mail.  I am never going to buy packs or boxes and I really don’t see much point in getting them through Sportlots or other sites, so my best bet is through trades like this.

Also probably not a home run or foul ball since it’s not a real game

I don’t know about you, but I’m already having trouble telling the new Stadium Club years apart.  The designs are different enough, but maybe I just need more cards.  It’s 2015, by the way.

Is this actually from that home run?

Speaking of homers (as I have in the captions), Gwynn is a weird choice for this insert set.  I think they just wanted to add highly collected legends. Tony was not a power hitter by any measure.  But he could rock the brown and yellow.

Definitely not a home run

Grab your partner, do si do. Round the bases, go go go.

They’re not even trying for a home run swing

It seems appropriate to get a couple minis back in the exchange.  Even though I really don’t care for minis, I am quite happy to accept them in trades, because it’s one less I need to chase otherwise.

Man that glove looks huge.  And Maddux looks sick

Make that two less!  Look at that seamless transition.  Both of these are your regular back versions (which aren’t as common as the name leads you to believe).

Not gemstone-like enough

The inserts in Topps over the past couple years have not been all that great in my opinion.  They remind me of mid-2000s Upper Deck in form and function.

Not anymore, cartoon man!

Look at this!  A Dempster sighting. That’s always a good thing.  Here’s the Cubs team set version, which I would have bought if I collected in 2006.  Since I didn’t, Bill has me covered.

Most likely not a home run pitch

And we end this first part with a transition to the new players I collect using a vintage design.  How appropriate as we venture into a slew of current players to pad out my budding collections.

We’ll enjoy more of that in future editions.  Or I will.  Not sure about you, but I’ll enjoy it.  Maybe you’ll come back and read it, because Bill did good and deserves his due.

Gint-A-Cuffs 9: Packs 19-24 – The Finale

It all comes down to this.  6 packs left.  A lot of points need to come close to first.  Looking at the leader board, it’s not looking good for this home team.  Still, gotta run it out to first for the sportsmanship of it, right?


Jose Canseco – What A Day (+2 Insert)
Terry Puhl – Rediscover Topps (+1 Buyback)
German Snow Patrol Dude (+2 mini Dude)

I still haven’t talked about the Dudes minis.  Everyone else seems to be raving about these, but I don’t get it. I use the word a lot in my personal life, but it doesn’t seem as appropriate to put it in the context of various professions.  I think I saw that this is an homage to a past, actual tobacco mini set, and so I can appreciate it from that stand point, but I have no interest in keeping these.

Pack Total: +5
Running Total: +113


Wil Myers (+5 Full Sized Relic)
Kris Bryant (+1 Favorite Team +3 Favorite Player mini = +4)
Fishing Lure (+2 Insert)

Here’s our last hit and it’s Padres camo jersey relic.  I’m happy to see this. It’s something I’ve been wondering about for some time.  Padres use these uniforms every Sunday (or used to, not sure if it still happens), and they’re unique and different enough to be interesting.  Glad I pulled one.  The Bryant regular mini was a nice kicker to the pack as well.

Pack Total: +11
Running Total: +124


Lou Gehrig (-1 for limiting my ability to make jokes about him)
Wil Myers – What A Day (+2 Insert)
Jackie Robinson (+2 A&G back Mini)

Back-to-back Myers cards.  Overall not a great scoring pack when I need to boost it, but I can’t be mad at a Jackie Robinson mini.  I also can’t look at it anymore in person, because this is now in the hands of Night Owl.

Pack Total: +3
Running Total: +127


Willson Contreras (+1 Favorite Team)
Life Savers Parachute Jump – World’s Fair (+2 Insert)

Yay! A Cubs card.  I need more of those.  That world’s fair Parachute Jump looks crazy.  I would never do anything like that.  Although, I can barely do normal rides anymore thanks to some weird quasi-motion sickness thing I’ve developed.  Just my body telling me to stay on the ground.

Pack Total: +3
Running Total: +130


Albert Almora (+1 Favorite Team)
Josh Donaldson – What A Day (+2 Insert)
Willie Stargell (+3 SP Mini)

Another Cub!  Hot dog!  I like the way that A&G handled the SPs this year.  Many of them are people I don’t personally collect and it seems there’s a higher percentage of legends in the group.  Fine by me.

Pack Total: +6
Running Total: +136


Adrian Beltre (+2 Favorite Player)
Ernie Banks (+1 Favorite Team)
Mike Trout – What A Day (+2 Insert)
Derek Jeter (-1 for trying to sneak in as a Mini)

And the last pack gives us another Cub to end strong in that department, but then Jeter has to ruin the fun (as always).  Man, I really loaded up the front end of the scans.  Not a lot to write home about overall, but still a fun box of cards as always.  No foil will mean no win for me, but even with it, I don’t think I’d reach the top of the heap.  Oh well, there’s always next year (I hope)!

Pack Total: +4

June 2017 Ebay Wins

In typical Community Gum fashion, this monthly series hasn’t been featured on the blog since June when I displayed my May winnings.  I’m stealing about 30 minutes from my nighttime work schedule to put this out because I want to post something and don’t feel like finishing up the Gint-A-Cuffs posts tonight.

June was a pretty nice month for collection additions as you can glimpse below.  There’s a separate lot that I’m not including here as well, because it deserves its own post.

For now, here’s what I managed to win for more money than other people would pay but as cheap as I would allow myself to be.

Da-boo-dee, da-boo-da

I have not bought any 2017 Bunt.  I am going to collect the master set for 2016 Bunt.  I’ll have a want list of inserts (have the base set) soon.  Anyway, case breakers did open the stuff, and while I’m not exactly a fan of the parallels, I do still need them.

Cubbie blue

Had to keep Jason separate because the team set of people I collect is 10 cards.  Anyway, I think these blues are one per pack, so I nabbed the whole team in one go for less than $1 each.

Missing some blue

Going from one blue to another.  These heritage blue borders are limited to 50 each.  It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that I won this for the minimum.  Not too many are chasing Justin Grimm cards.  I am.  And this card completes my current 2017 needs of his.  If he’s in Update, then that’ll change.

Would you know it was the parallel if I didn’t point it out

Speaking of normal, run of the mill Topps, I still need quite a lot of these vintage parallels.  Well, not this one.  I have this one.

Who needs to remove a card from a toploader before scanning?

Or this one.  I like watching Willson play.  When he’s allowed to play.  Or not injured and is physically able to play.

Eyes on the number

Speaking of Contreras, he helped me land my first Topps Inception card.  Well, him and the non-bidders.  I’ll have more to say about this brand another time, because this hasn’t been my last and I have opinions.  I don’t have time, but I have opinions.

There’s that inside toploader scanning again.

Wow!  Jersey number gold refractor!  If I cared about such things I would be excited.  Instead, I’m just excited because I like gold refractors and I got another one on the cheap.


Now this I’m more excited about.  I need a bunch of these sportscaster cards and most people tend to put high starting bids or BINs on them.  Every once in a while, a .99 auction comes along and that’s when I pounce.


The same goes for these Studio Portraits.  I’ll bite on an inexpensive Buy It Now, but that’s rare.  Patience can pay off, though.  Now I just need it to pay off a dozen or so more times.

Like I said, this wasn’t everything from June.  Pretty soon I’ll show off an all Frank Thomas lot that was the prize of the month.  Until then, keep out of my saved searches!