National Catch-Up – Wood Edition

Just like I did with Maddux, Thomas and Gwynn, I am trying to use the looming NSCC as an excuse to show off some of the cards that I bought at my first National Convention back in 2015. I have a bunch of cards from 4 years ago that still have not made their way […]

One Last Post Before The Breakin’ Begins

I actually have a little time to write up a post tonight! Before the ghost of Community Break Present sweeps us off on our journey tomorrow, the ghost of Community Break Past is here. This ghost isn’t going to tell us what things would be like if gimmicks and SPs never existed. He’s not smart […]

Community Break Box #3: 2002 Fleer Authentix

Sorry about the lack of posts yesterday. I didn’t have time on Sunday to pre-load a Monday post and Monday was right out. Lucky for you all, my car need some work done, so I’m taking off tomorrow and I may be able to get that Hockey contest going then. Anyway, I know the people […]

The Fleer Group/Community Break is Now Open!

It is time, ladies and gentlemen! You helped create it, now you can finally obtain the cards you selected from the boxes that I get to open!

The Second Annual (?) Community Break is now open!

It’s going to be a big one, but it won’t be as expensive as you might think. But before […]

Future Group/Community Break Follow-Up

A couple months ago when I brought up the idea of hosting another Group Break (aka Community Break) on the ol’ blog, I didn’t get a whole lot of feedback.

Honestly, that’s okay. Because even though only 4 people commented on what they’d like to have broken, it seemed as if a consensus was already […]