This Blog Is Still Active?

As you guys have probably noticed, posting on the blog has been sparse once again. Let’s not sugarcoat things. It’s kind of pathetic.

Just like all the other times this has happened, we have good reasons (although, it’s terrible that we have to even get to this point to begin with). We’ve both been working […]

Spinning Junk Into Gold

A little while back I posted a Free Junk post in which I gave away some sets and team sets I had recently accidentally acquired and which I (nor my girlfriend) had no interest in having in my apartment. I got a pretty decent response, especially considering the sets were maybe half a step above […]

My First Code Unlocked Die Cut Card

The posts just keep on coming. What can I say, when “breaking” news happens, you gotta post it, right? If you missed it earlier, check out the post below this one for details on all kinds of box breaking goodness coming up.

Thank you, Update.

Really the only reason I’m buying update is for trade […]

A Gem of a Trade With Emerald City

I think it’s about time for another trade post, don’t you? This one comes courtesy of Emerald City Diamond Gems, your one stop shop for all things Mariners. All I had to do was ship off some cards from my 1997 Fleer Series 2 box break and I got these babies to add to my […]

A Trade With The Sandlot That Goes For-ev-er

**Quick update for all the Community Break participants: Your packages went out the door today! Sorry it took a little longer than I wanted. The product breakdowns, along with showing off some of the goods still up for trade, will be starting any day now. But first, I have to properly honor at least one […]

Shrek is Out, Skeletor is In

This guy stepped down as manager today.

What kind of baseball do you play?

My mom always thought he looked like this “guy.”

You be the judge

Well, his plan to retire at the end of the year didn’t exactly come to fruition, but surprisingly, it’s not due to the poor […]