My First Code Unlocked Die Cut Card

The posts just keep on coming.  What can I say, when “breaking” news happens, you gotta post it, right?  If you missed it earlier, check out the post below this one for details on all kinds of box breaking goodness coming up.

Thank you, Update.

Really the only reason I’m buying update is for trade bait and code cards (and a long shot at more Frank Thomas cards – really? A second SP as an Athletic?)

I need 12 more rings for the exclusive set (which I will then trade to people after taking Marmol, Wood and Dempster out of it).  That’s the goal.  Everything else is gravy.

Well, knowing that new die cuts would be flooding the site soon, I decided to wait to unlock the 3 codes I had until said die cuts started showing up.  Once they were unleashed upon the public, they were flooding the site.  Refreshing the main page of the diamond giveaway told me how good my odds were (not to be confused with how odd my goods are).

I entered my first code and got a 1986 Topps common.  Not great.  I knew I was in the ballpark for a diecut so I threw another up and lo!

About freakin' time I hit one of these

I’m joining Lonestarr from “Life and Baseball Cards” in the Sandberg Club!

Interestingly, the front of this card shows a serial numbering that’s typically reserved for the Black parallels, but this isn’t one of those.  Only the normal die cut has been unlocked so far.  Unless I’m mistaken and they are limiting the Update die cuts and numbering those too.  We’ll see I guess.  I think it’s a mistake on the image personally.

Now the question is what do I do with it?  It is a Cub, so I could keep it.  I still have my Yaz die cut, too.  I really only need the Gwynn and the black Marmol & Gwynn.  Hmmm..

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