Closing The Book On The Sticker Album

It’s here! It’s finally here!

After begging through several trade posts with no response I was starting to feel like all hope was lost. I considered utilizing the power of Night Owl’s One Card Challenge, but pride stopped me.

People read our posts, too. All I have to do is let people know that I […]

Because Ponies

Isn’t that really the answer to just about every positive question you can think of?

Do I really need to say where this stuff came from? What land do the My Little Ponies inhabit? I know it’s not Narnia or Eternia. No, they’re from Equestria. How do I know that? It’s not from watching the […]

Some People Will Buy ANYTHING!

We’ve opened our share of the case split with Beardy and we’re still working on our Gint-A-Cuffs scoring to figure out which is the best box. But in the interim, I did a little searching on ebay to see how much some of this stuff is selling for.

Most of it is right online with […]

Hey, That’s My Prize!

A little while back, “Hey, That’s Mine!” held a contest where all you had to do was comment to enter. The winners (five in total) would get one of Big D’s world famous custom cards featuring the subject of his or her choice. Why would he do this? Well, because he likes making custom cards, […]

Deconstruction of a Card

While going back through some of the cards we’ve accumulated thus far, I came across the Andruw Jones 2000 Bowman’s Best we got as part of that quarter bundle at the card show.

I noticed that the protective coating on the sides was starting to peel off. It’s kind of tough to see in the […]

Have You Seen This Card Update!

Remember this post, where I mentioned I had that basketball card that wasn’t on any of the Panini Prestige checklists I could find? Well, hide the women and children. The mere mention of this card’s existence may send the masses into an uproar. Board up your windows. Batten down the hatches. Dust off those bomb […]