2010 Topps Football Video Box Break and Review

Oh, fall. The leaves are changing, the air gets crisper… and, once a week I get to look at this little website on Yahoo to be reminded that I don’t know a single damn thing about football. Yes, it’s fantasy time and, of course, I’m playing the guy who has Arian Foster and gets 42 […]

2010 Topps Football Case Break

Well, we took the plunge. After some research and critical thinking (i.e. “Those Rookie Premiere Autos look sweet!”), we talked with our new besties at Blowout Cards and got ourselves a fine deal on our case. Neither Jon nor I are football collectors (though, fantasy football has made me something of a football “follower”) so […]

2010 Topps Football Needs

We busted a case of this year’s Topps flagship football product. We’ve got a video break and full review forthcoming, but first, let’s get these lists out of the way! If anyone else broke a case and has some doubles to try and complete some extra sets, drop us a line! Our e-mail address is […]