Your 2011 Cubs Opening Day Starter Is…

I meant to post this right when it was announced early in spring training, but as you may know I’m not the most punctual. So…I decided to wait until actual opening day. Taking the mound for your 2011 Chicago Cubs: Ryan Dempster!

I better get used to this picture. I'm sure I'll be seeing […]

A Stupid Good Trade With The Daily Dimwit

This is me trying to get caught up on trade posts a little faster before my group break officially opens (possibly later tonight!!).

Back in the day, when I opened up my “birthday” box of 2009 OPC, I was able to finagle a few trades out of you guys out there. In fact, I think […]

A Peach of a Trade With Rhubarb Runner

I’m so far behind on posting trades on here.

“How behind are you?”

I’m so far behind that I’ve already completed a second trade with Rhubarb Runner from everyone’s favorite fake Latin phrased card blog “e’ rayhahn, rayhahn.”

Okay, I’m no Johnny Carson, but it feels like Carson could have gone through 2 or 3 […]

My First 2011 Topps Card

One side effect of The Great Blizz-aster of 2011 here in Chicago was that the local release date for 2011 Topps was delayed. While the product was supposed to street on February 2, it was kind of hard to get any cards over to Target and Wal-Mart if the trucks couldn’t make it into the […]

2010 Topps Update Case Break Highlights

Between work schedules, wedding planning, various social obligations, and other personal matters, Andy and me have been out of the blogging commission for a little over a week now, but since this is Halloween and all, I’m going to disguise myself as a blogger who posts regularly.

In our latest attempt to flip cases in […]