Important Announcement! Community Gum: The Store!

It’s been in the works behind the scenes for a while now, but the unveiling can finally occur.

We are proud to announce that Community Gum is now an online retailer.

This is a step we’ve been wanting to take for some time, and it’s finally actually happening. It will be slow going to start as we rise the ranks with our distributors, gaining more purchasing & allocation power over time.

What does this mean for you?
— If you’re not big on buying stuff from internet retailers but like reading our blog, nothing! We’re still basically just a blog at heart, but now we’ve got some buying power for ourselves and fellow bloggers IF YOU’RE INTERESTED. Just trying to make it clear that we’re not jumping the shark here.

— As we continue to grow, you’ll have the option of buying your group break boxes and cases from us. If there is a particular product you’re interested in, just email us here and we’ll try our best to set you up. We can also offer to host, video and ship your group/box breaks if you so choose (although I’d be surprised if fellow bloggers would choose it, the option is there).

— You’ll be able to enjoy some of the lowest prices found anywhere on the internet. We don’t have the overhead that the “big boys” have, so we can pass along the savings to you!

— Case busting will be more in depth and a good spot to pick up sets, team lots, and singles. In the past, we’ve opened up a box on video, showed off a few cards in scans and wrote our review. Going forward, we’d like to open it up so our readers get a chance to get cards direct.

— By law we aren’t allowed to keep the cards we open for personal use. We can still trade for cards we pull from our cases, but it’d have to be for something we can flip and sell now. This isn’t a big deal since we’ve rarely traded from the case breaks we’ve done anyway (anyone want some 2010 Topps Magic?!).

— We’ll still be trading otherwise. This is an important distinction to make. We both love collecting and that’s not going to change. Not everything we open is bought by the corporate account. We’ll still make some personal purchases to fuel our personal collections. We’ll still have card shows and card stores we can visit to find some trade material. It won’t be as bad as the previous bullet point makes it out to be.

What it means for us
— We get to help out the Community even more by providing them their product at good prices.

— We’ll be adding a storefront to the site at some point.

— Advertising. We’ve had a couple offers already, so you’ll probably notice a little bit of it here and there. Nothing too crazy, though. Content is still king.

— More content. The bigger we get, the more we’ll be able to break ourselves and feature on here.

— We’ll be getting more interactive. More Polls. More Box Breaks. More Group Breaks. More Contests. More Tweeting. More YouTubing. More More-ing.

The blogging world has been very kind to us, and we’re going to strive to be just as kind back. We’re very excited to start this new venture and we hope that you’ll come along for the ride as we do our best to help collectors support the hobby they love with unparalleled customer service and near-unbeatable prices.

Thank you all very much,
Jon & Andy, Community Gum, Inc.

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