The Bat Doctor Makes a House Call

I’ve been lucky enough to trade with a few non-blogging readers in my short time doing this (sporadic as it may be at this moment – sorry this post is going to be pretty short, too).  This latest trade revolves around a guy dubbed “Bat Doctor.”  He was interested in my Sandberg sportscaster #/25 and was willing to trade away some of his abandoned Marmol collection to get it.  His list was mighty impressive, and I hope to go back to that well sometime in the future.  But in the meantime, here’s what I was able to pick up in the exchange.

Mid-HBP throw

We’re starting off with one of those inexpensive, yet sometimes hard to track down minor league cards.  This is the Southern League set that featured prospects from across the league.  I still need the Diamond Jaxx specific Marmol from this year.

Scratch off looking Silver

Here’s a parallel version of the regular ol’ white Justifiable I showed in a previous post that I’m too lazy to link to.  This sucker is numbered #100/200, which is pretty cool.  I still hate the design, but at least the silver is a noticeable parallel and doesn’t make the card look so drab.

Call me a prospector, cuz I just found gold!

Oh no, we’re not done with this set!  I also got the gold parallel version #6/100.  Aside from the printing plates I’m not pursuing, the only other color needed to complete this rainbow is the Black version #’d /50.  I thought I’d be hunting for these parallels for quite a while, so it feels absolutely fantastic to color them in on the ol’ want list.

Call me Midas, cuz everything's turning gold!

The last card is easily my favorite of the bunch.  I’m now dangerously close to this rainbow as well, only needing the Chrome Refractor #’d /552.  This card looks fantastic in person and the scan turned out pretty dang dong diddly good as well, dagnabit.

If the Bat Doctor comes to an inbox near you, be sure to entertain his offers.  He’ll give you a fair shake and will be very easy to work with.  He has more tough to come by Marmols that I may just have to pick up one way or another, so don’t be surprised if you see that name mentioned again in future.  In the meantime, thank you very much for the trade!

Oh, and stay tuned, because we opened a case of Topps Chrome Baseball, and I’ll be posting the breakdown and images hopefully tomorrow!

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