2010 Topps Series 2 Review

We never did a formal review for series 1, so this one is going to be double-y review-y. And a little behind the times.

Main Set/Quality Control

I had to modify the header of this section because quality control is such a key problem. If you suffered through our video box break, you saw how […]

Goodbye, Jody. It’s Been Fun.

We’ve had some good times and we’ve had regular times, but it’s time the times come to an end. Time.

Our sweet, dear Jody Davis has finally found a worthy suitor.

Ever since we unlocked the power of the hometown catcher on the Topps Million Card site thingy, we’ve seen all kinds of offers for […]

Million Card Hornswoggle

I had another post planned for tonight, but instead I’m going back to the Topps Million Card well.

For a while now, Andy and I have had two unused codes sitting and waiting for the magic moment where it starts spitting out nothing but good stuff again. I check the site every once in a […]

Million Card Meltdown

Okay. The one code a day thing came to an end. It pretty much had to. We got a tip from Play at the Plate that the Topps site wasn’t random and was spitting out 1960s and 70s cards like nobody’s business.

I must admit, I was skeptical. I thought that “recently unlocked” list was […]

Million Card Impatience!

As expected, I couldn’t hold up my end of the one-a-day thing. I’m justifying it by the fact that these two gems come from the Million Card Giveaway card brandishing Roger Maris’s angry mug. We didn’t get anyone of his stature, but I’m quite pleased with the result.

Code 1:

Tony-O the Tiger… […]

Thursday Million Card Illness!

Well, I’m sick as a mub up in this piece, but this little gem made me smile a bit:

Not only another Cub… not only a pitcher (to go along with Jon’s theme of pitchers and catcher reporting in Cubs camp yesterday)… but also the oldest card we’ve pulled from this contest so far! […]

Tuesday’s Million Card Madness!

Well, Jon’s right. These things are addictive. I’ve been hanging out at the fora (it’s the plural of “forum;” look it up) all day, just salivating at what sweet 1952 high number or 1953 SP our next code might unlock. I was not completely unmoved by the sweet Fred Lynn in the previous post- I […]