Million Card Hornswoggle

I had another post planned for tonight, but instead I’m going back to the Topps Million Card well.

For a while now, Andy and I have had two unused codes sitting and waiting for the magic moment where it starts spitting out nothing but good stuff again.  I check the site every once in a while to see if the time is right, and there was a long stretch where the mix was good, but it was still a mix.  I wasn’t about to waste one of our last two codes on a crap shoot.  Sure they have 60’s on the list, but there’s also 2000’s, and I’m not taking those odds anymore.

Well, imagine my surprise when I see this:

Okay, I can deal with this. Vintage all the way, right?

Hot damn, the ATM is spitting out $20’s again ma!  Grab the pilla cases.  Obviously, I pulled the trigger.  Here’s what I got for my diligence and patience.

I think Expos Leaders is an oxymoron

This is available for trade.  Don’t all rush at once.

Looking at that list again after being duped like this, I did see a sole 1989 on the list that I didn’t see before in my haste and excitement.  Fundamentals kids.  Remember your fundamentals.  I really Soriano-ed this one.

And in case you’re wondering, here’s what the list looked like when I refreshed.

This is the Unlocked List I know so well.

I wouldn’t have touched this with a ten foot Dick Pole.  Live and learn, I guess.  Live and learn.  There will be more code cards (series 2 isn’t that far away), and we still have one left.  I’m sure that one has the Mantle.

6 comments to Million Card Hornswoggle

  • Play at the Plate

    I think I’ve discovered that the list of recently unlocked cards is about 10 minutes behind the actual cards being unlocked. Two different times I unlocked two cards back to back, I saw those two cards on the list about 10 minutes later. The delay could vary by the time of day I suppose. Still, you got hosed.

  • Holy shit it’s a Dawson!!!

  • Holy shit, it’s actually Rock Raines! Way to click the picture, Andy!

  • AlphaDeus

    Watch out for your redemptions from Topps million..i got more then 30 of them from the 1980’s were junk..i have seen some bad cards byt the 1960 and before including a 1953 card were badly (i mean throw away badly creased, scribbled in, marked with some form of hard pen or somthing…i woudlnt give the so called best value cards a PSA 1…these are not cards worth $3 per code they are being traded for..I’d not use most of them for coasters or give them away to kids in my local card shop…THEY WERE NOTHING BUT UNADULTERATED CRUD..and customer services said “you get them as is”, well as is turns out to be “AS WORTH NOTHING EVEN CLOSE TO THE AMOUNT YOU JUST PAID TO SHIP THEM TO YOU” could find better quality dumpster diving

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