Cards From the Road

Hey, everybody!  I’m still alive.

We’re all moved in, got the truck returned and most of the unpacking is done.  The only thing I still haven’t completely done is catch up on all the blog posts since I was away (and after a week of being back).  Wow, you people write a lot!

Before I left, I made an unpublished (and unspoken) vow that if I were to come across cards on the road trip, that I would buy them.  The girl is tolerant, but not incredibly keen on the hobby, and so I knew going out of our way to find a card shop in one of the several towns we would pass through would be out of the question.  I instead intended to pick cards up at gas stations and the like if available.

I’m glad it was an unknown vow, because I came across cards 3 times and I didn’t have great opportunities to purchase except once.  Life on the road is hard.

The first opportunity was in a Rite-Aid in Yreka, CA.  I remember the town, because they had stuffed bears and Yreka T-shirts as souvenirs and I wondered why anyone would want to commemorate their visit.  We were looking for a map, a bathroom and a place to eat (the Denny’s advertised on the highway signs is closed – be forewarned if driving I-5).  All we were able to get there was a map.  Basic human needs prevented me from picking up the few loose 2009 Topps Chrome I saw on the endcap.

The third opportunity was in a 7-11 (I think in Nevada or maybe NE CA), but again we were in a hurry.  I know I saw football of some kind in a case, but not sure what.

That brings me to the second opportunity – the one I took advantage of.  We were in Portland, OR in a “little” place called Powell’s Books.  Also have to recommend Le Pigeon (the best duck I’ve ever had), Voodoo Doughnuts and Pine State Biscuits (get the Reggie Deluxe – not for non-meat eaters).  While I was at the checkout counter with a few used Isaac Asimov books I had never seen in a used bookstore before, I saw a box of these:

What better to compliment my 1980s paperbacks?

I only grabbed a couple, because they weren’t priced and I already was carrying enough.  I only needed a little fix to get me through the night.  Are you all ready to flashback to a simpler time?  Then off we go to the land of Colecovision, Osh Kosh B’Gosh, Wuzzles, and cards of Cabbage Patch Doll rip-offs that in my eyes were much more popular than the items they parodied.

Pack 1


Pack 2

So many memories...Taxi!

And my one per pack parallel or insert

Green Taxi!

I have to say that despite the hideous border, I really like this set.  You have this collection of “best-of”s that will make reminiscing that much easier, and then the include a few new cards to keep things interesting and about as fresh as you want “Garbage” to be.

Staying true to the originals, there is an A and B version (with the only change being the name).  Their backs either contain a puzzle piece or some sort of fake “gross” contract/certificate.  The newer cards fall into one of two categories:  Where Are They Now? and Lost GPK.  The lost kids are drawings that were made at some point for the original run but weren’t released in packs until now.  In the scans above, find Pickled PETE and Global WARREN.  The other subset is pretty self-explanatory.  You take classic characters (?) and create new images based on their adult versions.  Obviously these will never work out for the best.  See Babbling BROOKE and Geeky GARY above.

The complaints I have from this small sample size is A) the border (do I have to explain); B) not enough cards and not all of them are as iconic as they think, although it is the same set size as the classic series and maybe they’re saving some other classics for a series 2; and C) not one card with JON or JOHN.

All told, I think if and when I come across more of these, I’ll probably pick some up.  It doesn’t look like it would be all that hard to finish the set.

So there you have it.  The trip was fun, but I’m very glad to be back with my shelves of cards again.  Oh, and the girl.

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  • Surprisingly, hobby boxes of this stuff is right up there. I blame the sketch card inserts (which interest me), which is dumb because I know how pitiful the pay is for the sketch artists.

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