Tuesday’s Million Card Madness!

Well, Jon’s right. These things are addictive. I’ve been hanging out at the fora (it’s the plural of “forum;” look it up) all day, just salivating at what sweet 1952 high number or 1953 SP our next code might unlock. I was not completely unmoved by the sweet Fred Lynn in the previous post- I mean, Hall of Fame is Hall of Fame, even in the 2nd or 3rd most overproduced baseball card set of all time. Little did I expect what was to come…


Wait for it…

That’s right, the HOF glory continues! Or, at least, the Future HOF glory. Looking through the posts over at Blowout, I’m actually impressed with the stars:scrubs ratio. Sure, 300+ 1987 Pete Roses isn’t a good thing, per se, but it’s better than 3,000+ 1987 Candy Maldonados. That being said, I’m not entirely convinced our haul will be worth paying the shipping to take delivery. What do you think?

Stay tuned for more Community Gum Topps Million Card Giveaway action tomorrow, kids!

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