Topps Million Madness Pt. 3

Before I start, can I just say that Germany is really pulling it’s weight in the Olympics for us.  Current medal leader?  I’ll take it!  Of course all this trash talking is probably going to mean we won’t win a thing from JD’s contest.

Another day, another code to enter.  I’d try to build the suspense, but you can easily see the scan below.

You’re looking at a 1983 Jody Davis card, and Mr. Davis seems none too happy about being part of the Community.  Look at that scowl.

This is actually a very appropriate card.  Chicago Cubs pitchers and catchers report today and here we have a Cubs catcher.  Fancy that.  1983 was something of a career year for Jody (batting .271, 24 HRs, 84 RBIs) so it certainly could be worse.

Also, any card from before I started collecting (1986) has to be considered a mini-victory.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s a Cub on top of that.

I promise I’ll try to make these longer going forward.

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