March 2019 Ebay Wins

I’ve been falling behind on a lot of card stuff lately.  I’ve been heavily investing my time in video games lately.  A little over a year ago, I decided to take the plunge and collect all of the U.S. released Original Game Boy games.  If you’re going to collect games, you might as well play them, and so I also made the decision to beat every Original GB game.  I set up a twitch account (Floating Platforms if you want to stop by and chat and listen to me rant and rave) and sporadically started playing as I had time.

In 2019, I’ve been making much more of a concerted effort to maintain a schedule. Now, most weeknights after my wife goes to bed, I have a good 2+ hours where I can go downstairs and stream my console challenge. My nights have been spent building spreadsheets and resources related to all of that, since that’s where my mind mostly is.  Progress is being made. I’ve completed over 25 games (out of 505 total to beat, 510 to collect) and have a small, outside chance to hit 50 games completed by the end of the year.

I don’t mean to brag or anything, but all I’m doing is winning these days.  Take these ebay auctions for example.

Tough to get sick of this photo

It’s been harder to get some of these regular Topps parallels lately.  Anytime they’re listed in my saved search emails, the price is a BIN that’s higher than I’m willing to go, or the starting bid is higher than $.99 while the shipping stays at $3.50+.  Bide my time and eventually I win things like this and can celebrate like Willson.

I wish the LL cards had some sort of design difference

Sometimes they come in waves.  This was more of a ripple. Two of the vintage parallels, from different years, and both are subsets which are lower in demand.

Odd it took so long to nab this one

Why yes, I do need more Bunt parallels. Why do you ask?  What’s odd is that I haven’t even really tried to go after the 2016 ones.  Only so many saved searches I can maintain. Tough to do everything at once.

Not a terrible looking card

I’m surprised by this win.  It’s a blaster “patch” thing, I think.  Maybe it was a manurelic in jumbo box?  Not sure.  What I do know is that it’s the blue parallel #/50 and that the flag part looks a lot better in person.  The non-numbered ones don’t always sell for $1, but this non-non-numbered sucker did.

Odd reference photo choice

In February, I tried to win a Maddux Transcendent, but wound up with a Rizzo.  This month, I was able to add a different Maddux to my have list.  Normally, this would be the headliner (is that the right term for the last card shown?), but today I have two going ahead of it.

I’m alright with a blurry scan on this thing

I’ve seen these things pop up in my list for years.  I think most people would rightly pass this by, but I’m including it as something I need as it is card sized and released by a card company.  Obviously I didn’t have it slabbed myself. It came that way.  I’m not sure why I decided to go for this all of a sudden, but maybe it was just seeing the prices slowly drop.  Either way, an auto is an auto, so good to get it out of the way and not worry about it anymore (until I try for the Gwynn one).

Up, Up and to the right of the card to leave room for inscriptions

Here’s what I consider to be the prize of the bunch. I’ve been watching American Ninja Warrior since the the days when it was only on G4 (and started before there was an American version). It’s fascinating to see it grow and take off.  Jessie Graff is currently the best of the female competitors and is a lot of fun to watch on the course.  In her non-ANW life, she’s a stuntwoman and had to skip the finals last year because of her work on the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.  Anyway, I’m hoping that there will be a Ninja Warrior set one day, but until then I’ll take what I can get.  I had to wait a while for the price of this to come down to a place I was comfortable with.  And there’s a second Graff auto in the set that I need so you may not have seen the last of her.

So, yeah. Even though games have taken over a lot of my free time, I’m still collecting. I’m just not as active as I need to be.  I haven’t even scanned my May ebay wins yet. I also have a lot of prep work I need to take care of before the National rolls around.  But first…just one more game….

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