Getting Ahead Of The Inevitable

Look, I know it’s coming.  What’s the point in trying to deny it?  There are times when I think I’m in the clear, but then when I least expect it…Blam!

Another trade package from Kerry, also known as Madding, also known as Cards on Cards arrives. It’s like he doesn’t even care that I’ve just now gotten to the point where I’m showing cards from his July 2018 package.  Sure, that means I’m less than twelve months behind, but I’d like to be a lot closer to zero.

I know that a package is coming my way sooner rather than later because he’s told me that he needs to look through my Big League want lists. I don’t think that’s a threat. Sounds like a promise.  Time to get ahead of this thing and see how close to zero months I can. This may take a few tries.

Could have used a picture from the early ’80s instead

He tends to help a lot with filling in gaps for newer sets.  I’m not entirely sure if he’s buying the packs himself, or happens to get run-off from other places that trickle down to me, but whatever the case, I’m happy to not have to buy them myself.

That looks uncomfortable

These retro cards are alright. I was never too wild about this wavy design, and it still looks a bit too modern to me for whatever reason.

Could be a throwback uniform

But at least there are variations for several players as well.  The only “good” thing about them is that in Donruss, they are prevalent. They are basically single print versus the double printed base cards. It’s pretty easy to get most variations in a single hobby box.

Not actually back to back

Woah, we’re morphing from Kris Bryant into Anthony Rizzo.  The pixels are merging.

Back to no logos

Okay, we’re back to the future with a Rizzo retro now.

Unhappy running

And here’s one of the non-retro cards.  It, too, is a variation.  I know that the lack of logos is a problem for a lot of people, but that solid blue kinda looks snazzy.  As for the Donruss design, it’s grown on me in person.  I haven’t gotten my hands on the 2019 set yet, but preview images looked promising.

The position is the most important thing

How about the parallel kind of variation?  I got this great looking red foil version of a great looking Rizzo horizontal photo.

Followed by the team name

The Greg Maddux card isn’t as compelling.  The only thing I find interesting in it are the brightest spots in odd positions, like the glare off the glove and bits of uniform. It’s like a still from a ’90s video camera.

And then the player’s name

Lastly, we have a Frank Thomas SC card.  Much better picture than Maddux. This is a parallel set I look forward to never being able to actually complete.  Still, I’m happy to have this starting point.

But for now, like Frank, I’m taking a knee to rest for a spell on Kerry’s July trade.  I’ll be back to show more soon.  Hopefully before the next one arrives. It’s coming. I can feel it.

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