Collecting Milestones

I recently updated my want lists for the first time in 5 months. It was both a cathartic and discouraging process.

Cathartic because I truly enjoy making and compiling my checklists. I’ve always liked making lists. By no means am I an organized person, but organizing things and hobbies into lists or sorting things hits […]

When You Can’t Buy Anything New

I’m sure all of us have been in a budget crunch situation multiple times in our lives. It’s only natural to see cash ebb as well as flow. I’m in the middle of an “ebb” cycle, and I’m expecting to stay firmly there until at least after the holidays.

That means no buying new cards. […]

’96 & Hits Community Break Box #4: 2004 Topps Clubhouse Collection

Sorry about the delay in getting this last box posted. I swear it wasn’t a suspense tactic, just a combination of a heavier than usual work load and an unexpected social life.

Why delay things any further? Hop in car, we’re driving to a little town known as Hit City, population: YOU!

It all […]

’96 & Hits Community Break Box #3: 1996 Fleer Baseball Hobby

Hey, I made it before the end of the day. With such a long video upload and more scans than the previous two combined, I wasn’t sure. Honestly, today’s box was the impetus for the entire break. Diehard followers may remember that I busted open a box of 1997 Fleer way back in the day. […]

’96 & Hits Community Break Box #2: 1996 Finest Series 2

Look at that, I actually have been able to post boxes on consecutive days! I’m not 100% sure I’ll have enough time to get all the scans and sorting done for the 1996 Fleer box tomorrow, so that may end up showing its face on Thursday, but I’ll do my best.

If you missed it, […]

’96 & Hits Community Break Box #1: 1996 Finest Series 1

Let the break begin! I know I’m really getting started about a week later than I initially anticipated. Also, thanks to work, I’m getting started later in the day than I anticipated. Still, I said I’d have the first box posted on Monday and, well…. close enough!

Today is all about the top box


Group Break Second Team Randomizer

Okay, I’ve made you guys wait long enough. I’m still awaiting payment from two parties, but I’ll go ahead and keep proceeding as if they will pay.

I’m going to open these boxes on Monday now if all goes according to plan, so payments must be in by the end of the weekend (see original […]

Quick Group Break Update

Hey Everyone,

I’m just waiting on the last couple payments to trickle in and then I’ll post the second team randomization. I still have not opened the boxes as originally planned. At this point, I expect that to happen either Thursday or Friday afternoon. I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted.

After missing on all […]

Last Day to Sign Up for the Group Break — Yankees, Red Sox, Mets & More Available

I have to throw out one last reminder to get involved in my latest group break. There are plenty of teams still left unclaimed. Big ones. Popular ones. Ones that you want.

Oh, and I want to break these wide open in a couple days time, so if you’re already in, I’d appreciate payment be […]